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My tattoo

It’s hard to believe that in 2009 when I first stayed at my friend’s house his bedroom was so stark and plain. There was literally nothing in his room except the bed. Looking around the room now, it is like seeing the inside of his beautifully twisted brain splattered gracefully across the walls. Every inch of space is being utilised to house an assortment of different framed paintings, shrunken heads, tattoo transfers and trinkets. The cave of the Bunny Boiler has transformed into its very own art gallery.

Despite not receiving any formal art tuition Bunny Boiler’s constant desire to create has propelled him for the last 22 years. When I asked him what got him into art he said “I always felt outcast through my life and my art helped me find a voice in the world, it has never stopped since I started”. He has worked in a variety of mediums but now mainly paints in acrylics and aerosols. It was in the early 90s that Bunny Boiler discovered his love of graffiti, not so much the lettering, but the art that accompanied it. This can really be seen in a lot of his pieces both on paper and on skin.

After buying his first tattoo machine and discovering the human canvas in 2008, it pushed Bunny Boiler into a new direction and he learned how “truly amazing it is to put your art onto someone to carry for the rest of their life”. This was how I originally ended up meeting Bunny Boiler and to date he’s now inked me 12 times!

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Sexy Bunny

“Ideas for artwork can come from the strangest of places at the weirdest of times” said Bunny Boiler. Taking inspiration from comics like Tank Girl and Judge Dredd and from other surrealist artists such as Dali and Giger, Bunny Boiler’s style has twisted and morphed over the years. When commenting on his artwork one fan said, “it’s like surreal erotic cartoons, vibrant and bright, but with a darker side to its strangely intriguing images”. Bunny Boiler says that “to complete a piece can take between several days to several months depending on its size. I hardly ever do preliminary sketches. I struggle with the idea of a sketch book and usually go straight for the canvas. I like to complete a piece in one go if I can.”

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Baby Bunnies

A few years ago, Bunny Boiler decided to use his partner as inspiration for a new piece. He drew her as a bunny and thought it was a really cute picture. “It is the first time in my artistic career that an idea has stuck and I’ve run with it” he said when talking about the bunny pieces he has created recently. These cute rabbits with their big eyes may be sexy, but they also have a dark side to their nature so don’t be fooled!

A few months ago ‘Baby Bunnies’ were born as a side project. A simple bunny outline is printed, cut out, and sent to you in the post. It is then up to you what happens to it; be that ending up at the mercy of your children with an array or felt tips, going out for a night-time wonder and ending up stuck to a wall, or just keeping you company at home. These ‘Baby Bunnies’ love hopping off on adventures all over the world and have so far been spotted in Amsterdam, Scotland, Australia and even the USA!


The Amazing Anya

Bunny Boiler has been at it like a rabbit and when asked about the future said “I hadn’t guessed this project would go so far so quickly so anything is possible now! I love seeing my bunnies going to new homes it’s a great feeling to know they are loved and a BIG thank you for all the bunny love and support.” For those lucky enough, a limited edition run of t-shirts was printed with the Bunny Boiler logo. Don’t fear if you didn’t manage to get your hands on one though “there will be new t-shirts and other clothing items soon as well as loads of new stickers and collaborations with other artists”.


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Bunny stickers

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