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the inexplicables

Oh look who it is! It’s The Inexplicables!


Location: BRISTOL


Maker is a small festival held at a breathtakingly beautiful location on the Rame Peninsula of South East Cornwall. It was here that I was lucky enough to witness The Inexplicables for the first time. They blasted out an amazing 3 hour set in a World War II bunker which was packed with people from start to finish. It was a totally unforgettable gig not just because of the location, but because of the atmosphere and energy created by the music.

inexplicables III

On stage at Picton Street Mayfest 2013

Since then I have become firm friends with the band and not only are they all extremely talented musicians, they are also wonderful people. Hailing from Bristol the band comprises of Jack Salt – Beatbox and Guitar, Josh Dean – Acoustic Bass, Piers Tamplin – Saxophone, Kesty Morisson – Vocals, Gemma Alexander – Backing Vocals, and Hobaps – Emcee.


JD shines like the stars

The band’s sound is built on beatbox, with sumptuous vocals, tricky wordplay, raw bass and uplifting sax melodies. “Our style is hard to explain because we gave ourselves no limitations, hence we can be free to play what makes us happy!” said JD. The Inexplicables take you on a mash up journey through reggae, hip-hop and latin, to electro-swing, drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep. The band take influence from a wide variety of artists like Quantic, Bonobo, Sage Francis, Massive Attack, Kate Bush, and the Youngblood Brass Band to name but a few.


Kesty sings from the soul

The Inexplicables is mainly comprised of old friends. Kesty and Gemma grew up in Bristol and have been singing together since they were much younger. Similarly Jack and Olly grew up together in Wales. “Having people who know each other so well in a band really helps, it gives us a very cohesive sound without it being forced or difficult, which makes our creative process very organic” said Olly. The current members “began playing music together in the springtime of 2012, by the autumn of that year we had formed The Inexplicables, and we started gigging early in the winter” said Piers. “Since then it has kept rolling along smoothly; our summers are mostly taken up with festivals leaving the late autumn and winter open for specific city gigs, home town shows and road trips.”


Jack the Beatboxing Techno Sage

In 2013, after winning a battle of the bands competition, they got to play on the Main Stage at Sunrise Celebration. “We were up against a great selection of musicians. Knowing you like your own music & knowing other people like it are two very different things, this gave us the reassurance we needed that we were on the right track with our sound” said Jack. The band have also performed at numerous other festivals including Upfest, Beatherder, Nozstock and Boomtown. Closer to home, they have played in a variety of Bristol venues such as Mr Wolfs, Arc Bar, and Lakota.

When I asked the band if they had any favourite gig memories they regaled the tale of ‘Brian the Capo.’ “JD had misplaced his capo and before giving up on the song entirely and playing something else, I asked the audience if anyone cared to volunteer. A young man called Brian put up his hand, came on stage and for the duration of the tune, held JD’s guitar at one specific point on the fret board. There were a couple of atonal moments when he had to switch fingers to avoid muscle atrophy! There is a few-second-long clip of ‘Brian the Capo’ in our soon to be released music video for our new tune Crazy Lady, so look out for him!”

‘Crazy Lady’ is the latest track to be released on The Inexplicables Soundcloud. When I asked Kesty what this song was about she said  “It reflects on how we treat marginalised people, how we categorise them, how we push them out and what we can learn from them. It also deals with the concept of excess.”


Sultry sax sounds from the mighty Piers

Their upcoming gigs include a rather unusual one this week on  Friday 12th of September at Bristol Cathedral. Tickets are free but places must be booked in advance click here for more information. Also, on the 1st of November The Inexplicables will be headlining the Attic Bar with support from a wonderful group called ‘Fire Beneath The Sea’ who are travelling from Liverpool for their debut Bristol gig.

The future looks bright for The Inexplicables with many more gigs, jams, and recordings on the horizon. Piers said “I feel comfortable in saying that we mutually feel a lot of love for each other and the music we make. I could happily play and continue to develop my music with these people for the rest of my life, it’s such a joy.” 


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inexplicables II

The Inexplicables hanging out in Bristol

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