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Crinkle Cuts – Bigger Than Patrick – Coming Soon!


Location: BRISTOL


Working at festivals is a great way to meet amazing people and it was at Eden Festival, just outside Dumfries, that I met the Crinkle Cuts. They rescued me from being stranded in Scotland as I was willingly bundled into the back of Cassie (their van) for an 8 hour journey back to Bristol. This was to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with a truly incredible, talented, and lovely bunch of guys.

On stage at the Exeter Phoenix 2014

The Crinkles funkourage consists of Francis Forbes-Edwards – Vocals/Flute, Dan Cailes – Lead Guitar, Hauke Moxon-Riedlin – Bass Guitar, Patrick Sheppard – Riddum Guitar, Sam Daniels – Drums, Simon Alexander – Trumpet, and Stu Harvey – Trombone. Officially the band have been together since 2010, but they weren’t really Crinkle Cuts then. As they are now (not just members-wise but also in musical style and ethos) they’ve been playing since 2012.


Dan and Hauke skanking the night away

I asked Hauke how the band formed:
“Francis, Pat, Dan and I were all on the same course and year at uni and so we combined musical forces. However, it wasn’t until a year later when Sam turned up (he’d got lost on the way to Bristol from London, and ended up in Asia) that we actually did anything until he reminded us we were supposed to be playing some music. Sooner or later (well actually later), our old trumpet player decided the high life wasn’t for him. Simon happened to be at the Music APE Studios whilst we were lamenting our loss and our lack of trumpet was no longer a problem. Then at an undisclosed venue in Bristol (the Loui), Stu approached us as he wasn’t (and still isn’t) aware of our cult status. Seeing as we needed a trombone player and second tall-ish member of the band we let him in. Thus the Crinkle Cuts current incarnation was born.”

With 7 members in the band they have a lot of influences between them, which is one of the reasons the Crinkle Cuts include so many genres into their style. The band play skrunk (ska, funk, and reggae) with a mixture of elements from latin and dub. “Initially our influences were bands like Chili Peppers, Cat Empire (who we got to see at BoomTown this year), Reel Big Fish, Youndblood Brass Band and Kenny Loggins,” said Pat “over time our range of influences has become broader with much of our influence and inspiration coming from the local Bristol music scene.”

So far the Crinkle Cuts have had some pretty hilarious festival gigs. They seem to be one of those bands who can get on stage at any level of sobriety and play an incredible set! When I was chatting to Dan he told me about one of their favourite Bristol gig memories, “We arrived at a venue in Bristol only to find that our gig had been cancelled! However some of the audience had seen us play before and were just as gutted as we were; so they decided to throw a house party instead and invited us to play! And then they fed us all the rum we could drink!” Another favourite memory of the band is when Hauke managed to skank a hole through the stage at Cardiff’s Full Moon venue!

Check out the live video for one of the tracks on the new ep:


Simon and Stu wearing more clothes than usual

If you want to see the Crinkle Cuts in all their glory, they will be playing at Exeter Party in the Park with David Rodigan on the 20th September. The band are also set to release their new EP ‘Bigger than Patrick’. This album is heavier than previous releases and really explores the variety of styles that make up the Crinkle Cuts sound – the funk is funkier, the dub is fatter and the reggae has more swing. The launch for the EP will be at The Attic at the end of November (date tbc).

So what’s next for the Crinkle Cuts? Francis said “Well we’re a very optimistic group so I’m going to say a European Tour next spring”. Stu reckons that next year will be  “the biggest UK Summer festival tour we’ve done yet”. Not to mention “many more collaborations with our fellow musicians in The One Elephant/Two Elephant Collective.” 

Contact details:


My Crinkle Cuts tattoo done by Bunny Boiler





Bringing the New Year in Crinkle stylee!

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