005 Paul Sargent Illustration

The multi-talented illustrator Paul Sargent hard at work


Location: BRISTOL



If wishes were fishes we’d all have nets – digital collage

Paul and I met at Shambala festival in 2008. I was walking back to my tent really early on the last morning when I spotted him crouched down next to the graffiti wall with a screwdriver in his hand. I walked over and asked him what he was doing. He said that the people had come to dismantle the wall and said they were going to scrap it all! There were some smaller panels which had been screwed on and he’d taken one off already. I asked him if he would unscrew one for me. It was the start of a beautiful festival friendship and I still have the piece of art he saved for me.

Recently Paul has moved to Bristol and despite being friends for 6 years we had only ever met up at festivals so it’s been strange hanging out in a house for the first time ever! Paul graduated from NUCA in 2012 with a BA(Hons) Illustration. Paul’s work involves exploring relationships between shape, form and implied space, as well as how human beings drive to understand our world better. Using crazy geometry, texture, mad characters and explanatory diagrams all based on a strong love of pure drawing he seems to evoke a sense of otherwordly realism.


Elysian Terraform – album cover

He uses a range of techniques including pure pencil drawings, collage, and also fully digital multi-layered designs. When I asked Paul about his work he said “I play with, seek to understand, explain and explore what goes on behind what we see and experience in our lives as human beings. I hold a deep reverence for the natural world and I am fascinated by the hidden mechanisms, processes and forces that shape the tangible things within our world as well as those that form ideas and concepts.

When I asked Paul what had originally started him drawing he said “It was my dad’s enormous collection of science fiction books from the last 40 years. I took a lot of influence from the covers of these books as well as from a copy of ‘Views’ by Roger Dean.” Since leaving uni Paul has built up a substantial portfolio of work including pieces for magazines and newspapers. He enjoys working on these projects as they challenge and educate him on subjects he might not have known about before. “The problem of creating a visual representation of an abstract concept in an easily readable visual language is a very satisfying puzzle to solve, it really gets the ideas flowing. The short deadlines force you to be quick and confident in making decisions about the image you’re making.


Yo-Yo Mandala Web – a yo-yo inspired t-shirt design

A lot of my friends have a passion for circus skills and Paul has well and truly mastered the yo-yo! “I play with skill toys like kendama and yo-yo a lot. The flow, technicality, creativity and professional flair are concepts that carry over to my illustrations well.” Combining his artist creativity with his yo-yo passion he made a t-shirt design playing with geometry and shapes related to yo-yos.

Despite only being in Bristol for a month Paul already has his work in an exhibition. He’s exhibiting as part of the Take pART Contemporary Illustrators show at Paper Arts Gallery in Bristol. His work will be on display until the 27th of October and more information about the gallery can be found here. Paul has other current projects on the go including working on an album cover for a UK Hip-Hop artist and some t-shirt designs for a Californian clothing line. His future plans include working on some festival décor designs and collaborating with a Bristol based producer on another album cover.

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Ghost in the machine - editorial illustration for an architecture magazine

Ghost in the Machine – editorial illustration for an architecture magazine

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