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Bathed in blues at The Quadrant, Brighton


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Soulful singing at The Lectern, Brighton

There aren’t many of my friends who I have watched grow in the same way I have with Amy. We met in 2008 at Shambala and our friendship has been strong since then. Amy was living on the Isle of Wight and this is where I spent a lot of time after discovering the magic of both the place and the people who live there. In 2009 Amy moved to Sheffield into a house across the road from mine. It was here that I first heard Amy tentatively sing in a barely audible voice. It’s amazing to see how far she has come in such a short amount of time. In September, Amy and I moved into a house together and I’m so happy that I get to live with not only an incredibly talented musician, but also my best friend.

Music has always been a part of Amy’s life. One Christmas when Amy was about 7, her parents wrote out a list of their favourites and got Amy to choose one band off each list. “Mum’s was The Wall from Pink Floyd and Dad’s was an early compilation of Blind Lemon Jefferson’s. I spent hours listening to both on repeat; I think that they shaped my understanding of music at that age.”  Amy’s first guitar was a gift from her parents.

Amy’s musical career started where many of ours have, playing the recorder at school! But this didn’t last long. I asked Amy about when she started playing the guitar; “I ended up picking up a guitar after a brief and unwelcome foray into the squeaky world of the amateur violinist. After a year or so of lessons, the whole thing dissolved and sadly, I didn’t pick up a guitar again until I was a teenager. It was at this time that friends with incredible taste in music entered my life and so the spark was re-ignited.”


Drop D at The Druids, Brighton

After condensing her list of inspirations Amy left me with Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Paul Brady, Sandy Denny, Nina Simone but she thinks everyone she listens to inspires her in some way. This is perhaps why Amy’s style is so hard to pinpoint. Ian Markx reviewed one of Amy’s gigs and lyrically described it; “The Amy Blue sound is something you can’t help but helplessly lose yourself in. Amy has a well travelled voice, reminiscent of Alanis Morissette/ The Cranberries/Joni Mitchell. There’s something rather mystical about the songs; something that draws you into the eerie mist like a sense of adventure. The songs creep into the listener’s heart like ivy into ruined walls.”

Amy first started gigging whilst she was living in Brighton but “there were a few ‘warm up appearances’ with friends on the Island before that. I don’t think I would have done anything were it not for the kind encouragement from my truly wonderful and greatly missed friends there.” With growing confidence after each show Amy’s guitar playing and singing blossomed. She soon gained interest from promoter Richard Ward at Overhead Wires Music. After playing at one of his nights Richard said “Old style country-blues singer Amy Blue has made an immediate impact on the Brighton music scene. Having only been here for several months, she has already amassed a large amount of positive praise for her wide vocal range and gospel and blues deliverance of her often heartbreaking songs”.


Positive praise at The Brunswick, Brighton

Since moving to Bristol just two months ago Amy has supported Ushti Baba, Mama Nice and Cazal. Whilst juggling her academic studies and social life she has also found time to  play at The Farm’s Open Mic, The Blue Lagoon, The Leftbank and Mr.Wolf’s. Currently Amy has no upcoming gigs but no doubt this is bound to change. For the time being if you want to keep track of what Amy is up to then visit the links below.

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Amy Blue busking at Cowes week on the Isle of Wight

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