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The first feature of 2015 – Czee13

Name: CZEE13

Location: WEYMOUTH


My new amazing Spiralling stickers! 😀

I’m starting off 2015 with a special feature as a thank you to Czee who is responsible for creating the awesome Spiralling stickers. We have never actually met in person but Czee had done some work for another friend of mine which is how I found out about his stickers. I contacted him on Facebook and told him roughly what sort of design I had in my head. What he created far out did my expectations and the reaction to them has been great!

Czee studied Fine Art, Photography and Art History in Salisbury before moving onto Graphic Design. His versatile art background means that there isn’t one particular medium that he prefers working in. “I have a wide range of skills stretching from paint to illustration to vector work on PC. I am also a website designer and am interested in designer vinyl art toys.”


Jeff Norbit print

His passion for art is obvious “I’ve always had art in my heart and soul. It’s something that won’t ever leave me and I couldn’t exist without it. It helps me to project my feelings that sometimes get locked away in my head. It’s my release and a way of de-junking my mad mind!” He gets inspiration from artists such as Mr Kobo and Joe Ledbetter.

He uses a range of materials to create his art. “For hand drawn pieces I use drawing markers and black and white pens. Sometimes I work with acrylics too. On the computer I use different design programs to create vectors. These are a series of lines and shapes which help to create an image and can be blown up without affecting the resolution.” To create a vector for a vinyl sticker can take up to a couple of days to set up.

Vinyl stickers, dollar bill art, canvas, and opened spray can art

Vinyl stickers, dollar bill art, canvas, and opened spray can art

The sticker world is one that I was totally unfamiliar with but Czee is a great source of knowledge. “The sticker community is worldwide and is a really good way of sharing your art around the world. Stickers are popular as you can tag them around quickly. Lots of my work was character based and kinda small so it fitted the scene well. People make massive collages of them called combos and to have your art next to other great sticker artists is really nice. 228 labels are the old school way of drawing stickers. In the USA 228 mail labels are free making them a good easy way to get your art on the streets with no cost. It’s a tradition that has been going on for years.”

Czee also really enjoys collaborating with other artists on stickers and has recently started working closely with another one of The Spiralling featured artists Bunny Boiler. Other artists include Vlot, Brain Fart, ilovetu, Clod, Moof, Spam and Jaix Art. Sticker shows are often posted on Facebook and Czee either attends them or sends his work to the show. “I’ve had my work at lots of sticker shows around the world and I am also a member of SSOSVA Secret Society Of Super Villain Artists.” One of his proudest moments to date has been selling his art to Ben Naz who is a widely recognized and well respected street artist.

Sapling sticker design

Everyday Czee is creating a new piece of art and uses social media to share his work, “I have big plans to get my art around the world.” He is planning to be part of an event called Collaboration Nation where artists from around the world collaborate on art pieces culminating with a show in Wales. Also he wants “to make a designer toy this year, I love the urban toy scene and I am creating the design at the moment.”

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A election of hand drawn 228s and prints


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