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Me and Jack looking slightly inebriated in 2006

As a rebellious teenager I was lucky enough to have a large number of cohorts, and we were collectively known as the ‘Shitville’ crew becuase we used to hang out in Pitville Park, Cheltenham. We were all at different schools but kept in touch over Myspace. I originally met Jack on there and after chatting for a bit online we decided to meet up in person. I spent a lot of time chilling and drinking cider in the Beer Gardens, and this was where I met Jack up for the first time. A beautiful friendship was formed and despite not seeing each other for long chunks of time, we’ve remained good friends.

Jack lived in Tewkesbury and had made friends there through skating and our friendship groups started to meld. We would go to the rock and metal gigs at the 2 Pigs in Cheltenham on a Saturday. “Those are my roots I suppose and where I found people with common passions for music, and not just people who were that all about metal!”

Time did its thing and people started getting older (though none of us are grown up!) and moving to pursue careers, relationships or further education. Jack moved to study Audio and Music Technology at the University of the West of England. “I’d already got a taste for the subject matter and began producing amateur beats at sixth-form college. Just before uni I got my hands on some turntables and a mixer; and with a small collection of vinyl I started to learn the basics of beat matching – the fist step in being able to DJ.”

Jack adopted the alias Tempore and started getting more into music production. Keeping up with the fast paced advancements in technology his set up now consists of a laptop and a controller. “As a DJ it opens up whole new dimensions when you start messing round with controllers and one machine. It can hold my whole music collection, a lot which are only released digitally. It can also process FX and sample all in realtime. I see the potential for pushing the boundaries and creating more interesting sets by DJing this way.” 

Tempore’s influences come from a variety of genres but a lot “that’s fast, intense, heavy or has a good skank to it. I love hearing what others do to push boundaries and I admire producers such as The Outside Agency, NSF, Life4Land plus lots of DJs and promoters involved with the party scene.”


Taking over from fellow Hodgepodger Evade

2014 was a good one for Tempore, “I’ve had a few digital releases with local label/retro bait collective Long Live The Animals plus more releases in the pipeline with other labels. I also played sets at various nights in London and Bristol last year. I have been working with great promoters and soundsystems such as Lemtek, Keep It Down Sounds, Monkey Dance, Neverlution, Beats in a Box, Combat Audio and Hodgepodge.” Hodgepodge made a name for itself in Oxford but has now migrated west to Bristol. Tempore has recently joined the family and helped to promote and play at a night on Halloween which you can see in the video below. The Hodgepodge collective is continuing to grow and they have plenty of events and other ideas planned for this year.

Working with Hodgepodge, Jack has an event planned for nearly every month leading up to summer, including a tent at the Bassface Weekender in August. The Birthday Extravaganza in Oxford at the weekend is the next event, and then “one of the next big ones for Bristol is a night brought to you by a collaboration of promoters taking over the Black Swan on 27th March. You can expect another night of debauchery with some major headliners that I can’t name at this time.” 


Flyer for Hodgepodge Halloween Spooktacular 2014

Both of Jack’s proudest moments involve reactions to his tunes. “The first was when I dropped my ‘In The Summertime’ mashup at Lemtek and the crowd were having it! Secondly, when I dropped my remix of ‘AcdBrnOut’s Nice One Bruva’ at our Halloween Hodgepodge night and a pit started in front of the huge stack of speakers. Similarly I got an email from a DJ in Devon who had been dropping my tunes in his sets and he said “dropped a couple of your tunes recently and can tell ya…North Devon love ya!!” Off the back of this Jack has got another potential booking for the new year. 

Jack enjoys what he does as Tempore because “for long enough I’ve been stack side, maybe sometimes with a head in a bass bin, and now it feels like I can take a skill and give back to a community that has provided me with entertainment, friends and amazing memories. And being able to put on a damn good party!”

Tempore hopes to “introduce more hardware into my set-up and possibly create collaboration projects with other producers/DJs so we can create a more live experience.”

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Flyer for Tempore’s latest gig – The Merry Massacre at the Black Swan


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