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A 7 year old photo of me and Peter!

When I was still living in Cheltenham I got a job working at The Nightowl. It was the regular hang out on a Saturday night for all those who were interested in rock and metal music (despite the fact that they played the same songs pretty much every weekend) and it was here that I met Peter. Even though we don’t get to see each other very often we have remained solid friends for the last 7 years.

Peter was born in New York City but has been living in England for the last 20 years and has become more British every day. It was his parents who started Images Plus and would call on him to come and help out at the shop. “We provide a service for your needs of embellishment, design or promotion. Whether you need garments supplied, artwork designed, logos embroidered or Tshirts printed. We cater for all these needs and if we don’t do it in house we can usually have a connection.”


Peter in front of one of many of the embroidery machines

For the last 15 years Peter has been honing his skills in embroidery and printing. “My parents bought an embroidery machine and I was the one who learnt how to use it and I quickly became proficient at it, usually embroidering onto garments and accessories.” The process is very complicated and involves taking the design and adding in the type of stitches and the direction. Once the design is completed they can set up the garment and the machine for embroidery. “If I can get a needle in it I’ll embroider it, and if you have something you need printing one way or another I can do that.”

He has learnt a lot about other aspects of the business including how to design and produce artwork. “I work usually in vector as this is what my machinery uses. In the past I have created many stag and hen do designs but have also had the chance to design company logos, club crests, event advertising and fashion brand designs. I enjoy designing and I’ve started setting challenges with myself and other staff members to draw ideas to keep us practising and sharpening up our skills.”

image2 (1)

Tote bags with a vinyl heatpress design mad by Images Plus

The most popular item which Peter gets asked to produce are Tshirts. “The main way to print is screen printing which is usually reserved for larger quantity runs. This process allows you to achieve multi-colour and high definition prints. For shorter runs there are heatpress transfers or vinyl printing. Both have there advantages and over the years we have been able to invent creative ways to get really exciting effects using these processes. Give us a try some day and let us have a bash at your designs!”

Recently Peter’s mum has retired and he is now the full ownership of the business. “This has allowed me the opportunity to take the shop in new directions and everyday is pushing me to better myself and the company.” Peter is currently working hard to make new relationships and build on the shops already strong reputation. “We have always gone that extra mile for our customers and preformed to the best of our ability and I will always push for the best from my team.”


A happy customer with her design from Images Plus

Peter’s passion for his work is obvious in the attention to detail and the high standards he keeps. “I’m always learning and trying to improve. Whether it’s an new technique for embroidery or a new way to promote the company and I’ve finally found an employee who has the same inventive and creative outlook. For me I feel really strongly about the future of images plus. ” There may be soon big things to announce for Images Plus, though I’m not allowed to say anything yet!


One of the big clients that Peter has recently been working with is Superdry

One of the most recent projects which Peter has been involved in was helping me get the t-shirts ready. He is going to be printing the 8 designs which were produced especially for this project by some wonderful people. I gave them the brief of creating a black and white spiral and the finished pieces couldn’t be more different. The proceeds from the sales will not be going in to my pocket, but back into The Spiralling in the hope that I will be able to continue to support my friends and keep spiralling! Come and check them out at the Etsy shop here.

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Peter hard at work in the shop


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