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Name: TAPT

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Mogwi all over print sweatshirt

TAPT is an artistic collaboration of two artists, Heyman & Jozika who live in Bristol. They started hanging out through mutual friends and quickly realised they had a lot in common. “We both had sketch books in our back packs which were crammed full of doodles inspired by the same artists such as Salvador Dali, M. C. Esher, H. R. Giger, Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley. We also had similar styles but they were different enough to be complimentary to one and another. So we started doodling and influencing each other and in the process became really good buddies.”

The formation of TAPT happened while the pair were preparing for an event called Tiki. “Music has always been a big influence and inspiration in our work and we always have music on when we draw. The sort of music that inspires our work includes Classical, Psychedelic Rock, Electronica, Glitch, Acid and Breakcore. As a general rule music that is constantly changing is what gets our juices flowing, repetitive music had an adverse effect on us creatively.” 


Silk screen printing in action

Jozika was at University and had access to a screen printing studio. “We drew 3 doodles that would repeat on silk screens and then and made 3 backdrops. Being really pleased with the results we continued to experiment. Heyman came up with the logo and TAPT was born.” They made some cards as TAPT and put them in a few shops and “then used that screen to print on some of our old T-shirts and hoodies. Enviably we entered into the clothing industry by printing a range of T-shirts to sell at Christmas markets and TAPT has grown as a clothing brand from that. 

TAPT has been going for 3 ½ years now and they have been growing stronger and stronger. “At the moment there are only two of us doing everything from the artwork, printing, sewing, modelling, accounting, marketing, and customer service. We now provide leggings, catsuits, and leotards and hope to expand our product range further to produce back sacks, board shorts, a range of all over print tops.”


Maya Catsuit – A sneak peak of the new lycra range

Recently TAPT launched their new website and are very proud of the results. “It’s taken 3 years of hard work to create a website the way we wanted, We wanted to create an immersive world, giving the viewer the experience of exploring our products in a unique way.” The finished product is amazing! It’s eye catching, fun, and original. Check it out here.  

As the artwork of TAPT is the main focus they decided not to use typical models on the website. Instead they spent many hours in Photoshop creating some stunning creatures by putting animal heads and arms on human bodies. “All of the models are us, and we didn’t want our faces all over the website. Someone left a goat mask at the house so we used it for a photo shoot, and that’s how the idea of using animal heads happened.”


Matrix TShirt sneak peak

The styles and methods TAPT use to produce their artwork have become much more complex and they are pushing the boundaries of tessellating geometry. “Drawing and being creative is like an itch that you can’t ignore. Creativity is second nature to both of us and drawing provides a cathartic journey of self-exploration and allows an escape from daily dramas. If we hit a drawing block we use our own back catalogue of artwork and sketches to help inspire us and get the ideas flowing.  As a result of taking this inward approach we have recently discovered many new possible tessellation styles that are producing very interesting results. These ideas that we’ve stumbled upon seem to be uncharted territory and it’s exciting creating something previously completely unconceived, it’s a bit like having an alien baby!” 

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Kalisti Skirt – a sneak peek of the new Lycra range


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