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Friends Forever – Spin and Steph 2014

When I was 19 I spent a few months living in Cambridge. It was certainly an interesting chapter of my life and led to me forming one of the most amazing relationships I’ve ever had with a man. He changed my life and actually probably saved it on more than one occasion. It was through him that I met Steph and I will be forever grateful to him for the introduction. She has been there for me through thick and thin and it’s been amazing watching her set up and grow her small business. 


Steph being pinned down by Fizz in the garden

Steph has always been compelled to make things. “Since I was tiny I’ve been writing stories, songs and poetry, painting and collaging, crocheting, sewing, quilling, sculpting… I’ve tried just about everything!” She didn’t discover jewellery making until the summer of 2012, after she impulsively quit her job as a cleaner to be a seamstress. “A friend had just closed her Etsy shop, so she donated a car full of random fabrics & other amazing stuff, including a big tin of beads and jewellery components. I’d never tried jewellery making before so I had a play with it and fell in love! I’ve been addicted to wirework ever since. “

Fizz adopted Steph around the time she started making jewellery and it was love at first sight. “I was living in a tiny geo-dome in a friend’s garden, and Fizz gave me an extra reason to stay in and create. She keeps me focused by basically pinning me down! When I’m working I always arrange my tools within arms reach in case she sits on my lap, as I can’t bear to move her. She totally owns me! It just made sense to name my shop after her.”

Simply Beautiful – The work of Fizzcat Creations

Learning to do things on a tiny budget has meant that Steph is mostly self taught through internet resources such as YouTube tutorials and help from crafty friends. “It’s a lot of trial and error, cursing, laughing, cups of coffee and occasional tantrums! I really enjoy making frustratingly tiny and detailed things because it’s so satisfying when they work!” Not one for planning, a lot of her work is improvised, “Semi-precious stones have so much character that you have to work with their individual shape and style. And I’m massively inspired by nature; trees, animals, flowers, stars which are never symmetrical.”

Spiralling silver ring

In an attempt to keep her business as ethical and eco-friendly as possible Steph uses 100% recycled Sterling Silver and reclaimed copper from electrical wires. All her textiles are recycled from unwanted clothes, lots of which are donated by friends. She goes to a lot of effort to wrap her parcels in recycled packaging.”Parcels are meant to be exciting, so I add lots of colourful details and layers. It makes me happy that these little parcels of joy are flying about all over the world. Creativity is an essential part of my soul, it’s how I express myself and how I stay sane. Sharing it is the best bit though.”


Rainbow chakra tree necklace, copper pendant

Steph used to think that only lucky and talented people could make a living from their art. “It took me a long time to realise that we are all lucky and talented. When you’re focused on the things you love doing, life just seems to work out. I wasted so much time and energy in jobs that didn’t fulfill me and it drove me nuts. I feared I wasn’t good enough at anything, and really I wasn’t, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be if I stopped telling myself off and got on with it!”


Fine silver paw print necklace with MEOW hand stamped, silver pendant

Fizzcat Creations has just reached an impressive milestone and has had its 1000th sale. With the shop doing consistent business Steph is very busy. She has a lot of plans and wants to add new creations to her shop. “I want to learn how to solder, create dyed aluminium wrist cuffs and stamped jewellery. As well as more sewing crazy multicoloured clothes with pockets, because everything should have pockets!”

Steph is planning on moving the Fizzcat Creations HQ to Bristol in the coming months where she hopes to have many Make and Do nights with friends and learn many new skills.

As a way of saying thank you Steph has kindly offered all readers a discount code to use in her Etsy shop. Please enter: SPIRALLING222 on the Cart page (there is link that says Apply Coupon Code) and this will apply your special 22% off.


Embroidery and button patchwork on pockets

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