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Sunset in Holland Velvia film, shot on the beloved Canon A1 with 50mm lens


Location: CORNWALL


I met Lucy through Green Stewards in 2011. We got to know each other much better the next year, as we were both Supervisors, and became good friends. We haven’t seen each other for a couple of years but keep in touch through Facebook and she has been incredibly supportive of The Spiralling.

Chicken a foster puppy Lucy cared for. ‘All Dogs Matter’ used it as the front cover for their calendar

Her journey into the world of photography began at college where she fell in love with the mysterious process of using film and developing in the darkroom. Her Godfather gave her a Canon A1 and from there she just couldn’t stop clicking. Lucy furthered her studies with a degree in Philosophy rather than Photography. “What I love is how both make you focus and take a good hard look at the world. Photography plays with framing and light, philosophy plays with concepts and words. To me, they are two sides of the same coin.” She cannily selected Cardiff University because it had a dark room tucked away in the Students’ Union. “In the first year my fellow students would be drinking themselves stupid, whilst I was locked away making prints!”

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Congo Natty at Notting Hill Carnival who Lucy got to hang out backstage with!

On her 21st she inherited some money and “decided to go digital as I could finally afford it. I got a Canon 5D MKII with a good set of lenses. I continue to dip back into film, especially when I have access to a darkroom, but the time it takes to process and increasing costs make this is a difficult format to work in.”

Her Godfather continued to support her interest in photography securing Lucy a part time job on the movies picture desk at Sky. “I assisted Mariano Gutierrez Alarcon, who was studying for an MA in Philosophy at the time, so again I found the two subjects linked. Mariano was great, he taught me above and beyond the basics I had grasped at college. He self-published a book called ‘Summa I‘ that uses photography and graphic design to explore the 7 sins and virtues.”

Armed with professional kit and being involved in the student community Lucy’s work progressed rapidly. She started her online portfolio in 2009 and has explored different ways to publish photos since. Currently she uses Behance, “as it gives you basic stats on your work, as well as community space to see, like and share others’ work. It’s also stacked full of inspiring images, but also because every now and then you make a genuine connection with a complete stranger who just happened to like your work, or vice versa.”


Trebarwith Strand 31/12/2014 a place that holds many dear memories for Lucy

One of the hardest things Lucy has had to deal with was losing her Father last year. “We had some good time together between him falling ill and his passing, which gave me the opportunity to create a scrapbook of our lives together. By this point his memory had started to go, but with visual clues it made it easier to recount the dearest memories. I completed it just in time for his last birthday, a suiting parting gift I feel.” The last present he gave her was a Fuji Instax camera which she has been using to continue the scrapbook. “It’s still hard to accept that he’s gone, but this project has certainly helped me work through the grief. The whole book is too personal to publish, but you can see part of the project here.” 

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Funeral for the NHS 2012. One photo was featured in the Student British Medical Journal.

Lucy takes photos, “Purely for the joy it brings not only myself but also others, especially if it has helped someone in a way. Life is crazy, beautiful and full of obstacles. Throughout my life photography has helped me to focus on what I enjoy, as well bringing me together with all sorts people. Those who care enough to give their time to the arts, and especially those who go out of their way to shout about the beauties and talents they see in the world, they’re the ones that get me out and about snapping away.”

Currently, Lucy is in the process of setting up a new political party in time for the general election, as you do! “My old philosophy lecturer from college got in touch the possibility of such a project. The aim isn’t to win a seat, but rather to get a blog site going in order to really discuss the bigger questions concerning politics. It gave me an excuse to rally my friends and get the camera out again.” You can check out their manifesto here:http://principlesofpolitics.com/

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Spring Snowdrops IV. This photo got a lot of attention on Tumblr

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