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Cover of The Dream EP

Photo credit for the EP artwork goes to Cleo Sykes, Liam’s sister



Location: NEW YORK, USA


This is quite a special feature as I don’t think I will be writing about anyone else who I have known as long as Liam, which is his whole life! His folks are my unofficial godparents and live in Florida. We went to spend the millennium with them which was amazing. Since then we have only met up a couple of times but we have been keeping in touch a bit more over Facebook which is awesome. 


The last time I saw Liam a couple of years ago, in a very English pub!

Music and rhythm was an integral part of Liam’s early life. “My mother is the artistic director of a dance studio, so I like to think that I have had music around me even before birth.” In 2013 he started his university life in Florida, studying Psychology. “Before going to university, I toyed with the idea of studying music, but felt like it wouldn’t be the best idea financially with the music industry being renowned for it’s lack of jobs.” About 6 months in he realized his mistake. “It took me a long time to come to terms with this, and eventually I approached friends and family for advice. My parents couldn’t have been more supportive. They basically told me that life was too short not to pursue what makes you happy. It was after this discussion that I decided I should transfer schools, move to New York and follow music as a career.”


Playing in a barn

He started Djing and bought a mixing deck. He became fascinated with the ability to combine different songs live and “basically create art from other people’s work.” It was through this that he started making mash-ups. “I would recreate certain mash-ups I had heard at shows, or on mixes that other DJs had posted. Doing this led me to produce original ideas. This portion of my career is over but it helped me gain footing with my digital audio workstation (DAW). From that understanding I was able to launch myself into a path of pure original production.”

It’s been about a year since Liam started producing music. “It’s extremely daunting at first, because you listen to all these artists who are your idols and rack your brain over their sound.” One of Liam’s biggest inspirations is Mura Masa. “All his music resonates with me on a whole different level. Although I don’t want to copy his sound, I want to be able to portray the emotion and rawness that I always get from his tracks.”

He soon realised that finding his sound wasn’t going to happen overnight, “Countless producers have come forward and stated that the path to perfecting your sound is a long one, and I completely agree. It took me a year to find a sound that people can recognize as mine, and I still would like to perfect it further.” 

About a week ago Liam released his first original EP. “It’s certainly one of my proudest moments so far. It’s called The Dream, and it is exactly that. It started as a dream, and ended up as a reality. This whole concept started out as a hypothetical full of ‘what if…’ statements. Now a lot of it seems to be happening, and I couldn’t be happier.” 

Currently Liam doesn’t have any upcoming gigs, but that is always subject to change. The EP has been well received and he continues to be busy producing new work. This is just the start of Liam’s musical career and I wish him every success. “In my life, music plays such a crucial roll. It has gotten me though some of the worst times, and some of the best. I owe a lot of my joy in life to music, and I feel somewhat indebted to it. I want to be able to give back to it. To contribute to such a powerful thing, that touches every part of our world, I can’t really think of a better focus in life.”sYcko Logo 2

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