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J.D. Piano – a commissioned painting



Location: ITALY


Stines portræt

“Rainbow Sisters” a commissioned portrait, water colors and markers

I met Freja really briefly in the summer of 2013 through a mutual friend and we have kept in touch over Facebook. She grew up in Denmark and from an early age knew that Art was one of the things she wanted to do the most and was the best way for her to express herself.

She also dreamed of travelling from a young age and between 2009 and 2011 she went with Sparrow Middleton (Ushti Baba) “and our band Caspian Caravan, from Turkey overland to India.” Since then she has hitch-hiked and travelled through 42 countries, living off her art and music. “I have seen so many places and their people. I found the courage to put myself out there, singing on the street or put a blanket down and sold my art, even though I have always been kind of afraid and shy to show myself. I have struggled a lot with doubting if what I am doing is important, if I am good enough, if I really contribute something to the world. But I have come to realize that I don’t need to be better or more successful in order to be happy and survive, and that is all I really need from life.”


In The Ferns – water colours on paper

Freja takes inspirations from other artists, from amateurs to renaissance painters, but she believes her biggest inspiration is nature and people. “Mother Earth is the greatest artist of all! The patterns, spirals and colours of nature is an endless source of wonder to me. Also all the people I meet along the way, they surprise and advise me. Inspiration is the most beautiful gift.” 


Freja’s hand made notebooks and calendars

Freja and Willow

It was whilst she was working in an art supply shop that she got to try making art with lots of different materials. “Many times I use a big mix in my pieces but my favourite for a while has been water colours, mainly because they are super practical to carry around while travelling. Also pen and black ink is a favourite too.” Sometimes she gets “lost in details and can end up spending a very long time on just a small drawing. But other times when I just sit around sketching, people have told me that I draw fast! Honestly I couldn’t tell you, because I think time disappears when you make art, that’s one of the beautiful things about it.” She also went to school for printing and book binding and makes a lot of hand made books. “Mostly they have blank pages but I also made calendars, the last one for 2015 and I’ll be making one again for 2016.” 

Living an alternative lifestyle isn’t always easy, “Leaving everything behind and travelling without money, other than what we made on the way, helped me a lot to not fear losing security. To live with nothing and be okay helped me to trust in just doing what I am doing, even though I will probably never get rich!” 


‘Frø’ (Or Frog) from the Children’s ABC book Freja is working on

In 2014 Freja gave birth to her son Willow, who has just turned six months old and they now live in Italy. “The world has just gifted me this beautiful place to live in Primiero Valley in North Italy, basically for free, so I am gonna stay steady here for a while, but then the road will probably call us again at some point to experience travelling as a family! I guess I am just proud of being where I am, being 28, a mother and always having followed what I wanted to do.” 

Currently she is busy illustrating two children’s books written by a Danish woman. “When I finish those I have a dream of writing my own children’s book, based on my travel stories and filled with colourful drawings. I also want to write more on my own blog, that I slowly started up, where I write about all these things and my experiences from travelling all these years.” 


‘February’ – A drawing for the 2015 calendar. pen and coffee

For Freja her Art has become a way to support herself without working for someone or doing something she doesn’t fully connect with “I want to do something enjoyable in life and rule over my own time and resources. I still have a great trust for life’s working and that everything will turn out just the right way! I don’t really need or even wish to keep on doing the same things. Life and art is a never ending journey of development. I keep going forward, but I know there is no place at which to arrive. ” 

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