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Launch Forth Into the Deep: 48″x24″ Mixed Media on Canvas




State of the State: 30″x40″ Mixed Media, Collage on Canvas

My intention with The Spiralling was always to start writing about people I knew in the hope that if they shared it, their friends would be interested and so on, continuing the spiral. After writing about Ronnie the other week an artist friend of his got in touch and asked if I would be interested in doing a feature on him. Luckily for him I was! 

Miles was born in 1979 over a month premature causing his lungs to collapse. “I had emergency surgery, had lung tubes put in, and I was literally pumped like a balloon for the first month or so of my life in an incubator.” He was raised in a divorced military family and traveled between households from when he was 4 years old. “I started drawing and painting when I was 5 and my creativity kept me company, along with my younger brother, on long car and airplane rides.” 

In high school he was already playing baseball and soccer but he decided to try his hand at wrestling. “It turned out I was pretty good and I made to a qualifying tournament for the State wide finals. Being a ‘newbie’, I was paired with the defending champ early on and if you have ever seen any wrestling uniforms, they’re spandex tight. Well, it wasn’t long at all, like 25 or 30 seconds into the match when he had me all tied up and he was squeezing the life out of me with his legs…so I farted very loudly all over him and it echoed throughout the auditorium! Funny and embarrassing!” Luckily he decided to pursue a career in art instead of wrestling!

Minions of Styx: 48″x24″ Mixed Media on Canvas

Art has always been a part of Miles’s life, “I’ve always done it and honestly, if I take some time off, I tend to get a little bit anxious and feel off. Its really an instinct for me and I’ve been fortunate to develop that interest organically and formally for most of my life.” The biggest drive forwards is “seeing people connecting with my work. I’ve had people cry, smile, laugh, and even get angry at my work before. Which is great because I’m getting an emotional, it’s very exciting.”

Sirens of Annihilation: 40″x30″ Mixed Media on Canvas

Miles takes his inspirations from family, friends, and a variety of artists. “I really enjoy most of the artists in Hi Fructose Magazine. My all time favs are Gustav Klimt, Rene Margritte, and Alfons Mucha. I also have a fascination with the painting ‘The Scream’ by Munch.” His paintings deal with the human condition, modern spirituality and have corporate and governmental influences.

In 2004, Miles met Merissa who is a Graphic and Web Designer. “We met at a small get together at my apartment soon after I had moved to Atlanta. Truthfully, she didn’t even want to be there, but her ride wanted to come over so she was kind of forced to attend. I noticed she was kind of pouting in the corner so being the blunt asshole that I am, I naturally asked her what her problem was. I think we enjoyed each others honesty and hit it off.” Together they started Massive Burn Studios Inc. in 2005, and eventually got married in 2012.  “Getting married was pretty awesome. I never really thought I was the marrying type, but I snagged a good one.” 


Spectral: 48″x24″ Mixed Media on Canvas

Since 2005 Miles has worked as a professional artist. “I did the album cover design for Sevendust’s 8th album, Hope and Sorrow. My brother and his friend are HUGE fans and they got to meet the band and hang out for a while. That was really great and I felt so happy to be able to do that for them. I have also developed a children’s line of characters, called Butterpup and Friends, that we are beginning to market and have recently self published our first book in that series.” 

Dots and Daydreams 24″x48″ Mixed Media on Canvas

Every creative soul struggles from time to time but we all have things that to help us. “My fear of failure and all of my collectors who have believed in me form the very beginning keep me moving when I’m tired, and really, I have this almost delusional belief that I am becoming the great artist and creator that I should, and am meant to be. I’m not there yet, but I’m well on my way.”

In the future Miles hopes to succeed in his dreams so that he “help my family and give back as mush as I can to causes that matter to me like premature babies, children’s cancer projects, and others.” He also hopes to expand Massive Burn Studios “I’m slowly diversifying and expanding into more commercial markets, so we’ll see where that leads next. Also I hope to push Butterpup and Friends into the public consciousness and try to get in with some animation networks to develop some cartoon concepts.” 

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