045 Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5

Eden Fest 2015 Crowsailing

Dijancer crowdsailing at Eden – The 6th Dijon are an integral part of the band




Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 are a band that I have known about for a few years, but it was only this year at Eden Festival that I was lucky enough to meet one of the Dijon’s in person, David ‘Dijancer’ Blair! I managed to catch up with him and lead singer, Colonel John Thomas McMustard. 

The Yellow Movement Manifesto

The Dijon 5 are a fifteen piece on-stage party comprising members of all shapes, ages, sizes, colours, creeds and musical backgrounds. “We are a band of brothers and sisters from different mothers. John and I have known each other since we were five and started primary school together. We’ve remained friends ever since.” A majority of the rest of the band have been friends since they were teenagers. “There are strong bonds that bind us, which leads to a very open and honest band relationship. Playing fitba (football) together, falling in love with music, gigs, festivals and partying whilst trying to recreate that magical formula our musical heroes had tapped into.” 

The Dijon’s come together and create a truly eclectic mix of high energy music and performance. “We take dance music beats and samples and add a heavy metal drummer, funky bass, brass band and samba horn section, a home-made instrument slide guitar, a triangle player, break dancer, serial crowd surfer and crowd sailor. All with a Rock’n’Roll Spirit, a Punk ethos and a (Yellow) Mariachi’s wardrobe! We want to incite laughter, movement, interaction and joy!”

Collectively the band have a whole heap of mustardy influences. “We love The Beatles, Fatboy Slim, Black Grape, Bob Marley, Che Guevara, Flight of the Conchords, The Mighty Boosh, Kevin Bridges, The Staple Singers, Limmy, Otis Redding, Jimmy Sommerville, DJ Yoda, Button Moon, Parliament Funkadelic, Sly & The Family Stone, Police Academy, The Rubber Bandits, Glasgow, Liverpool, Iceland, Black Lace, Chic, The Flaming Lips, The Plimptons, Bill Hicks, Stefan Dennis, the Truth, the list goes on and on…”

Eden stage – The Dijon 5 and 6th Dijon as one big Yellow symbiotically happy family.

Playing on the Devorgilla Main Stage at Eden Festival was one of the bands proudest moments. “It’s one of the few festivals that gets better every year and gives good bands a chance to step up a notch. The ethos, the people, and the love, it’s really how festivals should be. This year they invited loads of Yellow Movement bands; Scunner, Mickey 9’s, The Girobabies, Jamie & Shoony, Have Mercy Las Vegas and Trongate Rum Riots. It was a sea of Yellow wherever you looked! It made me very proud to be a part of it.”

Band Shot King Tuts Sat 180715

The Dijon’s on stage at King Tuts

The underground bands in Scotland are getting bigger and better, “We should be called the ‘top soil’ because all the bands fan bases seem to be growing with genuine support. The Yellow Movement is all about bringing people together, we’re a Scotland wide scene who will happily branch out beyond that. At all the festivals we’ve been lucky enough to play the crowd/6th Dijon reaction to what the Dijon 5 create live is incredible. The 6th Dijon totally get it and get into it in a big way. From Liverpool Sound City to East Kilbride, we’re all one big happy Yellow family. It’s life affirming stuff and all our hearts are pumping with love for one another.”

YM Logo #1

Join The Yellow Movement!

One of the biggest things which the Colonel struggled with was his anxiety. “When I was sixteen and first starting out in bands I couldn’t speak to audiences and project my true personality or beliefs into my music. Perseverance and the realisation that everybody (normal) has anxiety, meeting amazing, inspiring people, watching fantastic life changing bands and artists and trying to learn from them got me to the stage where I thought, ‘I could do that.’ If you keep going and do your own thing more and more, good things will happen. I don’t believe in The Secret or anything like that, but I do believe in expression, hard work, perseverance and loving and using music and performance as a life changing force. It changed my life and a lot of the Dijon 5’s for the better.”

Band Logo #1.jpeg

The might Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5

The Dijon’s plan is to spread the Yellow Movement far and wide “Ireland, Iceland, England, Scotland, this year and next. The year after; Narnia, Sardinia, Ibiza, the Scottish Isles, Caribbean, Dijon, Peru, Namibia, Eastern Indochina, Dominican Republic, Atlantis, Lemuria, anywhere that needs the Yellow Movement. Feel the Yellow, be the Yellow. We love connecting with people and we believe in positivity and spreading goodness and happiness in the Dijonverse. It’s a great feeling when people are dancing to your music and singing your words back at you, we love them as much as they love us. With the growing numbers and every gig getting bigger and madder who knows where this Yellow rollercoaster will end?! But, d’you know what? It’s been one helluva ride so far! Here’s to lots more Mustard merriment for a long time to come! Peace, love and Mustard. “

To see Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5​ in all their yellow glory this September you can head to The Record Factory on the 4th, Jocktoberfest, Inverness on the 5th, and Linkylea Festival, East Lothian on the 12th. For more info on their gig dates keep an eye on their Facebook page. “You ARE the 6th Dijon! We love you! Thank you for being a friend. Your Colonel needs you!”

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