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The Spiralling Exhibition 001 poster designed by Alex M. Peck


Location: BRISTOL



The first piece hung in the gallery by Dave Walker

It seems strange writing a feature on my own project but I felt that I couldn’t let the exhibition happen without writing about it. It’s been such a huge part of my life for the last four months!

When I started writing The Spiralling I had no idea where it was going to go. I thought it would just be a fun little project where I would have the opportunity to try and help some of my mates get a little more promo, whilst getting myself back into writing. I certainly never imagined that in just over a year I would be putting on my own events!

It was back in July that I had the idea of taking The Spiralling into a live setting by putting on an art exhibition. I wrote a Facebook post asking if any artists might be interested in getting involved with what has now become The Spiralling Exhibition 001. I realised that it would be a great opportunity to flex my own events experience whilst being able to showcase the creations of some very talented people. 


Jimmer and Guts having fun in front of their creations

I’m in a fortunate situation where having a studio at The Island has meant that I could easily talk to Dina and Tina, who are the wonderful Project Managers there. I told them that I had come up with the idea to put on an exhibition but that I had never done anything like it before. They have provided me with constant support and help throughout the whole process from booking the room to last minute laminating. 

I ended up splitting the cost of the Gallery Space between the fifteen artists who wanted to take part, meaning that they were spending a grand total of £21.50 for a week-long exhibition. I made the decision as well that, seeing as this was a bit of an experiment for me, I wouldn’t take a commission on their work. I created a secret exhibition group on Facebook so we could all keep in touch and there have been a lot of messages backwards and forwards, trying to keep people motivated and answering queries. 


FizzCat with her beautiful handmade jewellery display

The next thing we needed was an eye catching poster. When I lived in Sheffield my house mate Alex M. Peck was drawing a lot but over the last few years he hasn’t been creating that much for a number of reasons – I wanted to encourage him to put pen back to paper and see what happened. I owe him a massive thank you for designing such a wonderful poster for The Spiralling Exhibition 001. 

Each artist has been given a set amount of space for their work in the gallery and all fifteen of them have produced incredibly varied pieces. There was no theme to the show, it was more for the artists to have a chance to exhibit whatever they wanted to. Their work can be bought from the gallery using cash or PayPal and I hope that all the exhibitors will go home having made a profit.  


Huni Bee putting the finishing touches to her cards

It’s easy to forget when you see a price tag on a piece of handmade art or jewellery that you’re not just paying that price for the finished piece. Many hours of work, emotion and materials are used to create each one. I wanted the show to have affordable pieces in it and everyone has priced their work extremely fairly with most pieces being under or around £100. 

A few weeks ago I said that I never wanted to put on another event like this ever again! Looking back, that may have been a little bit rash and I have already been contacted by a number of people who want to get involved in the next one. I’ve felt very proud watching everyone’s art go up on the walls and the beautiful jewellery displays being created. 

One thing that I’ve discovered is that I’m not the only person who thinks ‘Oh, it’s fine I’ve got months!’ and then suddenly finds it’s the night before! However, everyone involved has worked extremely hard and it’s all come together pretty smoothly over the last 4 days. We’ve collectively created a space which I hope a lot of you will come down and see and who knows, maybe even take home some art!


A hive of activity in the gallery on Sunday getting everything ready for launch night

The Spiralling Exhibition 001 will launch on Monday 19th of October (tonight, if you’re reading this on the day the post goes up!) and will run until Saturday 24th October opening daily from 12:00 – 19:00. 


The end of the Spiralling walkway leading to the Gallery Space

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The Spiralling Exhibition 001


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