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a3249815725_10Name: PELUZAH

Location: BRISTOL


Having a studio in The Island has led to me meeting all sorts of wonderful Bristol creatives. It was through The Island Residents Facebook group, (the same group that introduced me to Ronnie) I discovered Peluzah. 

393101_10150621775350817_1126132059_nAntonio Moreno A.K.A Peluzah is 31 years old and was born in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) in the south of Spain (Andalucía). He became involved with the hiphop culture when he was painting and writing lyrics with his first group ‘La Sekta’. “I always liked to perform. I have been doing it since I was 15. I like to share my vision of the world and to make people enjoy with the music. When you are dancing, listening or paying attention to music, all the rest fades away. I like poetry too, and if you mix poetry an music, you got what we are doing Hip hop music.” He became a member of a graffiti and rap collective 2R Crew who were the pioneers of the rap scene in their city. 

He was a member of Flaco Dolce, a well known rap group in the south of Spain. After a successful first album, ‘Flacofonía’ the group played many festivals supporting big names in the Spanish scene and closed the tour in London “supporting probably the best Spanish rap group ever, Violadores del Verso.” 

Peluzah takes his inspiration from “Anything I see, read or watch. A conversation with someone, a movie, a picture. Something clicked inside and makes me write about it. Sometimes I find motivation in the beat, if the music is good inspires me to write good lyrics.”

qwdwqdwqwdqIn 2010 Peluzah moved to Bristol to learn English, but fell in love with city and is still here! “When I came to Bristol I couldn’t speak English at all. I came from having a good job working in a really nice place, to washing dishes in a kitchen for a ridiculous amount of money. Its very hard to be in a workplace trying to communicate something and being unable to. The first 6 months were difficult. I was lucky and I met the right people who helped me a lot to overcome the language issue. Now, after 6 years living in Bristol this problem its been solved.” Since moving to Bristol PeluzaH has been involved in a few different hip hop projects playing in pubs and at small events in the city, as well as a few festivals.

In 2014 he started a project with Habitus recording his third solo studio album, ‘Employee of the month’ at Dusty Sounds Studios. Peluzah is now associated with a hip hop collective who have their HQ at the same studios. “Our hip hop collective is involved with a lot of different artists including Sage Advice (Rob Harris), Da Beat Lawyer (David Arias), Habitus (Daniel Benito) and Dj Guevara (Manu Guevara). We all met through the music, meeting each other at gigs and different events. We all share the same taste in music and the most important thing is that we are friends, and the idea is to work together in the same direction to do a lot of music in Bristol.” 

Peluzah’s hip hop skills are infinitely better than his banana guarding ones! “I performed in London once and there was a magician doing a show between sets. We were waiting to go on and one guy said to me “Please make sure nobody touches this banana because it’s for the magician”. sadsadssadsadsaThe guy left and I forgot about it. The magic show started and I was chatting with one of my friends, when suddenly one guy approached me, eating a banana. Something clicked in my head but I didn’t have time to say anything as just then the guy said “What the hell is this??” and pulled a five pound note out of the banana! I explained to the guy what was happening, while I was hearing the magician say “…and now I take this 5 pound note and its going to disappear in 3, 2,1!!” It was a mess, poor guy, people booing him, the trick obviously didn’t happen.”

Currently, Peluzah is just happy “Being the person I am. I have really good friends, the best girl in the world, a nice family, I like my job and I love to be part of the music scene with a bunch of friends who love hip hop as much as I do.” In the future he hopes to be “making more music in Bristol and to play in the biggest venues. My album is out now so I’ll be giving that a bit of promotion, whilst carrying on with work on other projects.” 

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