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12622178_10156390956730702_5403286883069763533_oI met Eloise back in 2013 at Small World festival in Kent. She was there with one of my friends and he introduced us. We’ve kept in touch over Facebook and have bumped into each other at quite a few festivals over the last few years. Eloise and I had our own ‘small world’ moment not so long ago when one of her old school friends Joe Proser, told her she should get in contact with The Spiralling. “He thought I would get along with the ‘really cool girl’ who organises it – he linked me…and I was like NO WAY! THATS SPIN, I know that gall :D”

Eloise is a fine artist who will be graduating from Falmouth University this year. “I have always been aware that pursuing a career as an artist would be a challenge, and many people have asked me over the years how I expect to do this. I have never allowed this uncertainty to discourage me. This is because I’m so sure that creating my own artwork, is the happiest and most peaceful state I know. Pursuing my pleasure and passion to make things, defeats my want to follow a more steady income, and a dry and less fulfilling life.” 

For Eloise the hands on creative process is a very important aspect of her artwork. “I like to make things with my hands as I feel it satisfies a need to bring out my inner spirit. Sometimes I like to think of myself as a kind of doctor or healer. Through media and method, the process of sewing, mending, filling and binding fabrics provokes a healing energy. Quite often I’ll be shovelling dirt and stuffing it in dyed and stitched soul bags. I find this very therapeutic. Mending forgotten and discarded found objects and transforming the raw material into something new.”  

One of the things she loves about her art practise is the way it allows her to explore and learn about the things in the world that interest her, and how it can be incorporated into her work. “The intense creative process transfigures this convergence of embodied spirit and inspirited body into symbolic forms, each with their own value and identity, whilst exemplifying a feminine mode of creation. The narratives of mother earth, being both a destructive and protective force, bringing to life entities that are abject, yet hold a humble and earthy appeal.”

12593667_10156390956760702_5000896254229806909_oA lot of Eloise’s inspiration comes from within herself, from the experiences of her body and her emotions. Others include “Crazy, frantic, chaotic yet harmonising, electronic music as well as pure simplistic instrumental music. As well as the magical organic world! Like moss, colourful fish, frogs and Baobab trees. Also the love of my family and my best friend Hannah, and anyone that is themselves, goes their own road and is a positive and energetic light on others.”

Still very much at the start of her artistic journey, Eloise’s proudest moment so far is when she was chosen to show her work in a tutor lead exhibition called ‘Café Morte‘. “It’s a great example of where my hard work paid off. I don’t usually think of myself as one for writing, but they liked my proposal so I was happy to get involved.” Another proud moment was “when a couple of people bought my prints. I was shocked and thrilled that they liked them enough to buy them. I always feel proud of my finished creative work, it makes me feel like I’m doing myself good.”

After finishing her degree, Eloise is hoping to put on an art and music night in Falmouth. “I think it would be good experience and exciting to create something fun that will allow more makers to show off their work. I would also like to spend this summer getting involved in projects that push me in the right direction with being a artist in the real – none student – cold world. This may involve festival proposals, organising exhibitions, workshops, volunteering etc. Who knows! I’m open for any positive creative community experience!” 

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