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Having fun and doing what they love, Harri Larkin taking a well earned break


Location: BRISTOL


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Clockwise from top right: Harri, Zoe, Nic and Dale

It was whilst I was working at an art exhibition at Colston Hall that I met Harri for the first time. Her and a friend came in and I thought they looked cool, so started having a natter with them. I told them about The Spiralling and she explained she was in a band so I offered to write a piece on them.

Harri Larkin are a four piece, female-fronted, Alternative band from Bristol. A blend of Funk, Punk, Pop-Rock and Ska influences has shaped their sound. “We pride ourselves on our Infectious melodies, personal lyrics and high energy performances.” 

Harri started ‘Harri Larkin’ originally as a solo acoustic project based when she was based in Cornwall. “I have previously had 4 unreleased tracks broadcast on BBC Introducing and travelled to London to compete as a finalist in the competition ‘Rock The House’ of which I came 2nd out of 3000 UK entrants in the Under 19 solo artist category. Since then I have released a 5 track EP ‘Through Red Eyes’ and another last year ‘Home-Grown’ on Super Sick Records.” All of her inspiration seemed to come from old school punk bands. “I liked their attitude and everything they stood for. My hero’s were people like Joe Strummer, Joan Jett and Kurt Cobain.” Despite being a solo and acoustic project it pretty quickly became apparent that Harri needed to be playing with other people. “Living in the middle of nowhere has its downsides, so I went to Bristol in search of a band!”

When Harri first arrived in Bristol she saw an ad for a guitarist in an all girl punk band. “I met Zoe at our first practice, but that band didn’t last long. I asked her to come be in a band with me instead, I wasn’t going to let that one get away!” The band all go to the same Uni but Zoe was in the year above. Harri met Dale by chance. “I didn’t know him until he messaged me one day saying he liked my videos and wanted to drum for me. It was so lucky thinking about it as I didn’t post videos very often! Then Nic joined last replacing my old house mate Mike, we were all in the same song writing class. I was actually in a band ‘The Video Nasties’ with Nic too but I was the bassist! Nic swears he met Zoe the first time at some festival but she has no recollection haha!” 

Last summer Harri and the band were due to play in a competition which at the time was a big deal for them. “It turned out our guitarist was away on holiday and we had got the dates mixed up. We were all really bummed out so I messaged Nic about filling in for this one show.” They were playing against 4 or 5 other bands that night and it was a one winner type thing. “We practised solid with Nic for like 3 days but we were so nervous. My dad came down from Cornwall (added pressure!!) and we made T-shirts to wear on stage and everything haha! When they announced that we won we were over the moon! It turned out to be such a great night.” 

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The band on stage at Free For All Fest

The band are incredibly passionate about music. “We purely love it! Music means a lot to all of us as individuals. That feeling when you create something new and exciting, or when you finally nail that really tricky part in practice. Those little achievements are why we do what we do. It’s all about the buzz you get. Its an exciting prospect; being able to show people what we feel and think and using it as a platform to carve our own future through what we love.” 

Their proudest moment to date was at a gig a few months ago. “We had been practising our asses off for this show and as we get off stage, the drummer from the headline band came up and said that watching us that night ‘reminded him why he got into music in the first place’. It was such a proud moment as it was such a lovely thing to say, and I really love his band!”

Harri Larkin are about to release their new album in May. “We are SUPER excited to have a new release out called ‘Half-Cut’ in May on Super Sick Records. I think the Ben and Joe are awesome guys and everyone should check out Joe’s band ‘One Man Boycott‘.” Their EP launch will be on the 11th June at Crofters Rights and their album will be sent to Super Sick Records subscribers on the 6th of May if they sign up in time. Gig wise they have a date booked in on the 22nd of April at Thunderbolt, 9th of May at SWX and they are playing Keynsham Fest on the 13th of August.

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