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Dream Shaman

There are so many seriously talented people out there in the world, and I love how the internet brings us all together in a shared space. I was having a bit of a scroll on Facebook when a post popped up and it caught my attention. It was a motivational sort of post, but the image really struck a chord in me. I found the Facebook page the original image had come from and sent him a message asking if he would like a feature on The Spiralling.

When he was a child, Laguz didn’t have much interest in playing outside and making friends with the neighbour’s kids, “I’d rather stay home colouring books and recording cartoons to draw later from the screen. At high-school every notebook was for me a drawing book, every class a drawing class, every recess a time to sit outside and draw, I would make cheat sheets and all kind of devices to pass my tests so I could just focus on drawing. The world around me seemed kind of boring and the people uninteresting when compared to what was happening in the dream realms. It was also a great escape for my messed up family life, so I would spend as much time as possible ignoring this reality to favour the land at the other side of the mirror.”


There are many reasons why Laguz’s still paints and draws now. “It’s the best way I know to express myself, to translate how and what I feel. I think of it as an ‘alchemy’ of feelings, transforming negative or somehow sad emotions into something I can look at and clearly see its beauty. Sometimes I paint from a more joyful or calm state, but wherever I paint from I always try to tell a story, to bring forth a piece from the Dreamland I draw from. I paint so that others can see the beauty I see in them, so that I can see the beauty within. I love creating something and showing it to the Muse that inspired me just to see her pleased smile, I think that moment its my favourite one.” 

Laguz draws inspiration for his art from a variety of places. “The experiences of life, everything that happens, whether its a joyful or sad event, the beauty of the people around me inspire me, and adding music to all that just makes my heart overflow with inspiration. I don’t think growing up in Costa Rica influenced my art that much, movies, books and video games influenced it a lot more growing up. Perhaps now I’m starting to add more elements from the Costa Rican culture, but that is also tied to my love for mythology more than from the fact that I grew up here.”

The Way

One of the hardest things which Laguz has had to overcome is the sense of not being good enough. “I was told since I was a kid by my family and society that art is not a way to have a ‘real’ life, that it’s something you do as a hobby on your spare time. I was dedicated to becoming an artist, but then I got rejected by art school that shocked me, but I quickly recovered, got some canvas and oils, went home and figured it out on my own the best I could. I tried to sell my art on the street and to galleries for a while without much success. Eventually, pressured by my mother I went and got a ‘real’ job. I learned a lot from this job, but completely abandon my faery lands, which then led to a feeling of total frustration and emptiness. I got tangled and lost in the ways of the world and became utterly depressed, which made me reach for my long forgotten brushes and paints and face the terrifying void of a white paper sheet, in doing so I found healing, I found love, and I found myself again.” 

Wolf and I

Envision Festival was the first time Laguz exposed his art to a big crowd, “I was mostly broke at the time and put all my rent money into prints. The first night I was so scared I was going to sell nothing and have to return home to pack and go live under a bridge that I almost cut down my prices in half before the gallery opened, but I convinced myself there would be two more nights to bargain if necessary. By the end of the night I was sold out and had to call for more prints to be brought for the next day! My greatest achievement so far I think would be stepping out of my shell, taking myself and my art outside the safe boundaries of my room and just believe, believe in myself.”

Since Laguz exhibited at Envision, a lot of doors have opened for him. “It’s offered me the opportunity to travel to other festivals all around the world while making art and tattooing on the way, the closest one I wish to exhibit at would be Lightning in a Bottle and take it from there. I want to go to as many festivals as I can. Burning Man would be awesome to exhibit at too, but I trust the Multiverse will take me where I must be next.”

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