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Stellas Hunting Trophy

Stella’s Hunting Trophy

It’s totally nuts when I look back at how far The Spiralling has come since I started it. I am writing more and more about people who I’ve not met yet, people who’s art I’ve discovered online. I found one of Tom’s pieces and got in touch with him to ask if he’d like a feature.

Tom is a cartoonist from Gloucester. “I studied Art and Design at Gloucester College when I was 16, but I dropped out half way through as it just wasn’t gelling with me at that age, and really didn’t cover aspects that interested me then.” With both of his parents being artists, and his brothers involved in art in some way it “was a natural thing to do growing up, it’s as natural a thing for me as breathing.”

Stellas Breakfast

Stella’s Breakfast

Later on Tom and and his partner moved to Yorkshire with nothing and finding work seemed impossible. “When the opportunity to become self employed was put to me I feared all the business stuff and thought I’d never get the hang of it, but I was given the chance to gain some business qualifications, and it really wasn’t as scary as I had thought.” The handy thing for him about being a freelance artist is the flexible hours, “it means I can spend more time with my family. I mainly earn by commission and a few projects here and there, but recently I have self published a few books which hopefully may generate a bit more income as work around these parts is scarce to say the least.” 

Being dyslexic has meant that comics have always been easier for Tom’s brain to process. “Novels always seemed hard and after years of comics it was almost impossible for me not to attempt to mimic what I knew so I mainly draw cartoon styles. I find comics and cartoons are a massive inspiration for me especially artists like Skottie Young and Brett Parsons, their art is very different from each others, yet they both strike the same chord in me. I’m also inspired by the pursuit of escaping this reality and continuing to support my family as they join me on my journey.” 



Tom’s medium of choice was acrylics but it took too long so he searched for a quicker process. “I did a bit of research and I was blown away with markers; they are so vibrant, so blendable and dry super quick. I also now lay colour pencil over the top to blend them a bit better. I now specialise in ink and marker pinups, not necessarily pinup girls though I do draw them too.” Tom also writes and illustrates a web-comic called ‘Bloody Plum’ which is more of a hobby or passion of his. “Bloody Plum is about a young man called Boy-Tango and his adoptive father Chips who just happens to be a humanoid cat. I was always a fan of Warner Bros. cartoons especially the trauma some characters experienced so I try to take that element and add a little SciFfi and gore.” 

When I asked Tom what his proudest moment was he said, “I’d say my proudest moments in art will always be shadowed by having my kids. There have been some highlights such as scoring a story-boarding job for a music video in France, or releasing my first book, but I’m afraid the highest point for me as a very sad person was when one of my favourite artists followed me on Instagram, I’m still trying to track down the rest of my blown mind!” 

17_20160604130828417In the future Tom is going to be releasing a sketchbook, a couple of comics and make some more art. Why not check out some more of his work on the links below. 

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