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‘The money shot’ – The recently formed Lung Money


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One of my favourite things about The Spiralling has been discovering new and interesting creative people all over the world. I was recently contacted by a band asking me to write a review of their EP, but I offered to write a feature on them instead!

Lung Money are a four piece melodic tech-rock band from Bristol. “We write pretty heavy and complex music, but we do our best to make it accessible. It’s always chopping and changing so that you don’t fall asleep, (that’s for our benefit too!) but there’s enough big hooks in there for you to feel that all the carnage pays off.”

The lineup of the band is James Watson – Vocals and Guitar, Damian Kasioptas – Guitar and Vocals, Connor Smout – Bass and Vocals, and Mat Capper – Drums. The band actually had a fairly disjointed start. “Our singer/guitarist James and drummer Mat have been playing together since July 2013. Mat joined the band which at the time was called Electric Theatre and it went through several lineup changes. Things moved relatively slowly in the early days, but on the upside, we’ve had plenty of time to refine our sound.” They started as a four piece, then became a three piece, and now they’re a four piece again! “It’s been constantly evolving, and usually for the best. We kinda consider Electric Theatre to be a completely separate project. We still play a couple of the songs we played under that name, but we’re a new band! Lung Money, circa April 2016.”

Lung Money’s first single Cyberlover, – an exploration of the online matchmaking phenomenon.

The band recorded their debut EP while still a three piece. “After the recording process, Mat and James reflected on the fact that we always end up tracking guitars as if there are two parts. We can’t fully explain why, it’s just the songs somehow demand it! We had invited Damian along to do some guest vocals on the EP – you can hear him screaming all over ‘Spornos’ and ‘White Whine’. He’d been a close friend of ours throughout uni and was renowned for his guitar abilities, so it just made sense to ask him to join the band on second guitar. Dan left shortly after recording the EP and we met Connor on a night out in Bristol. Through mutual friends we got chatting and he was keen to join the ranks on bass. Since this configuration we’ve been the most productive we’ve ever been.” 

The EP received positive feedback. “It was a long time coming from conception to release, and by that time we were starting to wonder if people would like it or not; probably because we’d heard it so much and you get kinda sick of listening to yourself haha! Although money isn’t particularly a major motivator for us, it did make us proud when we sold the first few copies. Suddenly you’re like ‘wait… people actually care enough to buy this?? Cooooool!’ That was a good feeling.”

Arrhythmia – Amy Demi Photography, tattoo designed by Nicole Cataldo-Davies.

When it comes to songwriting, Lung Money like to start with rhythm. “Finding a cool drum groove and jamming a guitar riff to it is usually a good place to start. Some people like to start with a chorus or melody, but that doesn’t come naturally to us; we find you can get stuck in the same old patterns that way. On the flip side, we’re guilty of getting too caught up in the complex rhythmic ideas and structures.” 

Lung Money take inspiration from all areas of life. “We love Jamie Lenman from Reuben. He’s probably the most standup guy in the UK alternative rock scene. There’s no bullshit, he’s hilarious, and anything but a sellout. His music instantly resonates with people, and (without wanting to sound lame) you can tell it comes from the heart. We want to make music like that.” When it comes to lyrics, James likes to write about a mix of personal things and bizarre social behaviours that he finds amusing or worrying! Without presuming to know it all, every song has some kind of ‘life lesson’ hidden within it, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously! Green-Eyed Monster for example, is essentially about how jealousy makes you say and do stupid shit. You think and act irrationally, thinking/saying nasty things about/to other people and yourself when you don’t really mean it. Then you realise the error of your ways and spend the rest of the week beating yourself up about it, or apologising profusely.” 

Keeping the band hasn’t always been easy. “We had so little time to be creative in our final year at uni and by the time graduation came and went, morale was at an all time low. But here we are, still going strong! I think it says something that we’ve kept it alive after hitting reset so many times and with all the line up changes; we’re obviously meant to pursue this, and we hope that people in all walks of life will appreciate what we do.”

Nothing is more satisfying to these guys than getting into the practice room or walking up on stage and playing. “Suddenly everything makes sense and has meaning. And time goes so damn fast! It’s like an insatiable thirst; we’ve all talked about how whenever we get home from practice or gigs we can’t sleep. We just can’t wait for the next time. It makes us feel more alive than anything else. I suppose that’s why we do it, it’s totally addictive haha!”

The band plan on hitting the road in October to coincide with their next EP. “We’re working on it right now! We’ll be driving round the UK with some great bands, playing our favourite venues (and probably sleeping on their floors if they let us!). Living the dream. We can’t wait to get back in the studio in the meantime.” If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of their EP The Future Is Bright and Moisturised’ visit the Bandcamp link below.

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