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A photo of Sennen Timcke, taking in Stokes Croft Bristol by formimages.com


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Playing live at the Ribeira, London.

Last year I decided that it might be interesting to develop The Spiralling a bit further. I attended the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Course in Bristol and after completing it was assigned a mentor. Not only has my mentor been totally amazing at letting me spew my brain ramblings at her, she’s also helped me make connections for The Spiralling, and today’s feature is one of them. 

Sennen Timcke is singer-songwriter currently based in the South West of England. “I have been focusing on writing and recording over the last few years – my first EP ‘From Now On’ came out in 2013 and I have just released a new EP ‘Closer Now’ out in May 2016.” Currently he is in France on a long tour of Europe, playing everyday, exploring different cities and towns, and perfecting his performance. 

Deciding to follow his joy by pursuing music was a big life decision. “After College I did a science degree and worked for a really amazing community project in Bristol called Coexist. It was fascinating – and although I’ve got no regrets, I did shy away from following my creative side until later in my twenties. I’m really happy being a musician though, it took me a few years to pluck up the courage to quit my job and go for what I really love doing.” As a songwriter the stage feels like an exciting place to be for Sennen. “There’s nothing better than the buzz of writing a song which people enjoy. I’m often inspired to write the next day after a gig.”

Playing on The Amphitheatre stage at Bristol Harbourside Festival, whilst the heavens opened!

A few years back Sennen played at Bristol Harbourside Festival on the main stage. “I was so excited to be playing. I remember waiting backstage with butterflies in my stomach and peering through the stage to see the crowds. But at the very moment we walked on stage the heavens opened! The arena cleared and we played a 40 minute set to a little girl dancing in the rain!”

The Closer Now EP, released May 2016.

The band is currently a four/five-piece and they crossed paths in Bristol. “Claire Ji is a singer-songwriter who sings harmonies with me, Titus the lead guitarist is also a singer-songwriter, and Ben Whitehouse on bass has a few great projects on the go and also runs a superb recording studio called Cellar Tapes in Bristol. As for the drummer: auditions are in August!” 

Sennen is proud of his new EP. “It was an exciting project and I got to work alongside people I love working with. The release has got the ball rolling for some really exciting shows this summer and so it symbolises the beginning of the new Sennen Timcke band. Lewis Bradshaw, the producer, did a great job at capturing both solo, and band arrangements, in a really dynamic way. I like to go through a lot of experimentation in the form of jamming, collaborating and making mistakes! Sometimes the best riffs and melodies can come from letting the reference point of a few chords be explored. It’s really the best way to bring a project to life because we all have different strengths and talents.” The tracks on his new album contain a whole new dimension thanks to the cunning guitar parts, basslines, rhythms and harmonies of the guys he worked with. “The EP has had some great feedback so far and I’m hugely grateful to everyone involved.” You can find out more about the new ‘Closer Now’ EP on his website.

Playing with Claire Ji in the Mendip Hills near Bristol

The music Sennen and his band create is inspired by a variety of things including his surroundings. “Living in a rural setting and being on the road is a good way for me to get the creative juices flowing, but I also feel inspired when I see other musicians play; a great gig or YouTube video. As a songwriter I’m inspired by great solo performances. I think its amazing to watch someone in their element; entertaining the crowd just voice and guitar. James Taylor live at Michigan college 1970 is a great example of this! Playing solo can be daunting; but definitely encourages resilient songwriting.”

Having spent a while developing both his EP releases and website, Sennen plans on gaining as much exposure as possible. “I’m ready to get playing live at every opportunity this year. The aim is to start working more with booking agents, management and maybe a label…saying that, primarily I want to enjoy life on the road and get by as a musician.” If you would like to catch Sennen live then he’s playing at The Crofters Rights on the 18th of August, for more details click here.

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