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Left to right Motivators Cleo, Leony & Hannah involving some amazing volunteers at Eden Festival


Location: GLASGOW



Hannah in all her EMPOWERMENT PANTS glory!

For the last couple of years I’ve helped to manage the volunteers at Eden Festival in Scotland. It’s an amazing event and through the job I’ve met some really lovely people. Hannah joined our team as one of the Supervisors in 2015. She’s a lady of many talents and one of the projects she’s involved in is Sweet Aerobics. 

Sweet Aerobics is an improvised dance experience that aims to motivate and invigorate, to wake up your body and mind and make you feel more energised than you could ever imagine. “We aim to join forces with like-minded people to create an experience like no other, that brings together music, free style aerobics and a whole lot more.” A team of motivators keeps energy levels high and the dance moves flowing. “We want to inspire conscious clubbing, social change and positive vibes. It’s an opportunity to be completely free through the pursuit of mindfulness.” They host events around the UK offering a plethora of awesome activities including Aerobics, Disco Dodgeball, Yoga, Hula Hooping, and Inspirational Talks.


Saxophonist Duncan Horne and DJ Anders Rigg from the live digital band Samson Sounds take to the stage at Eden Festival for our morning aerobics session – spinning tunes to make your hips move and shoulders shake!

The project started as a fundraiser for Scottish mental health charity SAMH at the Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow in May 2015. “Our goal is to create a fun, supportive, and safe environment that’s accessible to all. Keeping active and supporting others are crucial elements in helping to promote good mental health. We combine these elements with a healthy dose of bouncin’ beats for the ultimate feel-good experience for all!” Some of the group met at university, and some from Glasgow’s cultural and music event scene. “Over time our network has expanded with awesome people who have come to join us on our spandex crusade.” They also have a large number of volunteers who work with them, “each bringing their own unique skills and flare to the project. Our core team of motivators aim to include as many people in our project as possible and we always invite new people to join us.”


Disco Dodgeball kicking off!

A lot of moments have made the team of Sweet Aerobics proud in the last year. “But a specific proud moment would have to be the speech that entrenched our bond with the mental health cause. A good friend of Sweet Aerobics came up on stage, (at our first event in May) to talk about his battle with schizophrenia and bipolar as a teenager. He was sectioned, felt extremely isolated and could not see a way out from his condition. With a combination of medical help, family, friends and exercise he found stability and eventually ran a marathon for a research charity for his condition. As he told the story, eyes were welling up all around the dance floor, it was the perfect story of how with support from loved ones and the community around you and healthy exercise we can promote better mental health together. So we all learnt the lesson, wiped the tears away and proceeded to dance, stretch and lunge the day away!”


Motivators Cleo & Leony with Mr Motivator Eden Festival main stage 2016!

Mr. Motivator is a huge inspiration to the team. “He’s the one and only. We had the pleasure of getting up on stage with him at Eden this summer. Feels strange to be so close to the spandexed backside of your hero!” Sweet Aerobics have launched themselves onto the festival circuit performing and running workshops at festivals such as Deoch an Dorus, Knockengorroch, Kelburn Garden Party, Beatherder & Boomtown Festival. “At Deoch an Dorus festival this year, a beautiful independent music festival on the isle of Arran, we brought our free style aerobics session along with some silly games for our sweet silly sports day. At the end of our aerobics session, we started a human conveyor belt from the tent surfing out onto the beautiful field. Our surfer was none other than The Dijancer, from Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5, surfing a beautiful orca whale. That was definitely an amazing moment!”


The Dijancer from Colonel Mustard and the Dijon Five on a human conveyor belt!

These guys love bouncing around community spaces and putting on their uplifting events so there will be many more to come. “This summer, we are currently half way through our Glasgow tour, which started with our ‘Love Yourself’ Valentines day party, where freestyle aerobics, workshops, meditation & yummy healthy foods made it a day to remember. Every third Sunday of the month we alternate between On the Corner Community Centre and Kinning Park Community Centre bringing exercise, dancing & fun to the people’s door steps.” Keep an eye out for future events on their Facebook page. “A long-term goal of ours is to put on adaptable, bespoke exercise classes in places like schools, nursing homes and hospitals. So please give us a shout if this is something we can help you with. On the other side of Sweet Aerobics, we will continue to appear at festivals to free the party people from their hangovers and get them stretching in the morning. So noise us up if you want us to bring a taste of the sweet life to your festivals!”

*BOOMTOWN CREW* you can catch Sweet Aerobics in action for 2/3 hours every afternoon in the nutty games! “We will be running all sorts of silly games and embracing glittery ridiculous all in the name of positive mental and physical health!”

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