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untitled-9560-2At the start of September I rediscovered something which I’d signed up to do last year. It’s called ‘The Business Bakery‘ and the idea is that you complete a goal in 100 days. I joined the Facebook group which is where people can share and promote their business or projects, and this was how I met Sandra. 

Sandra is a Travel & Fine Art photographer based in London. “For the past 19 years I have worked in the film industry as a Production Manager making TV commercials.  I left in January this year to concentrate full time on my photography.” From an early age she travelled the world with her family and as an adult she has lived in Austria, Turkey and Morocco, sparking a huge interest in foreign countries and cultures.”I used to have a bit of a problem with flying, in 2007 I wanted to go back and visit my friends in South Turkey, so I went by train from London via Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia.  I decided as I was going to be away for 7 weeks that I would take a camera with me and that’s where it all began! I also went to the Arctic by train – it took 55 hours via Brussels, Cologne, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Narvik. In 2014 I worked as an Expedition Photographer on a ship in the High Arctic, I saw 23 polar bears and sailed at the ice edge at 80 degrees north!” 

Lone MountainOne of Sandra’s proudest moments was after her visit to Morocco. “I had been teaching photography to 9 disadvantaged teenagers. It was on opening night with about 100 people listening to them talk about their experience and how it made them feel, how it had given them confidence, a sense of self value.  They had 7 weeks from having never held a camera to putting on an exhibition of their work.  They worked so hard and their images were amazing.  I was so proud of them.” For more info on this story click here.

Sandra creates images that all seem to contain a vast amount of stillness. “I find simplicity in remote places and beauty in abandonment. I travel to escape my crowded city life and use photography to slow down and appreciate this beautiful world that surrounds me. Photography silences the chaos and offers me a sensory escape. Much of my work centres around the remote expansive areas of the Arctic, but even when photographing in an urban environment, I still seek the moments of solitude. I invite the viewer to explore my images and hope that in doing so they experience their own sensory escape.” Her inspiration comes from her subjects. “I always work on gut reaction, either I immediately like something or I don’t. Sometimes I can’t even say why I am drawn to certain things, i.e abandoned places. I always lean towards minimalist, graphic images, I like to give them space to ‘breathe’. I love the creative process from the initial research to the final print and the fact that I get the chance to photograph a moment in time, something that may never be the same again.”deer-2154-2

For Sandra photography is a form of visual meditation, “It allows me to completely switch my mind off to any ‘chatter’ and just concentrate on the process at that time.  Nothing else does that for me, life is always busy and, at times, can be rather stressful, so it’s great to have that as a calming tool.  Whereas in my film job I had to think of countless things all at once, photography allows me to concentrate just on that one current moment.” 

_dsc1637Last year she started an online photography course and her mentor encouraged Sandra to dig deeper within her work and research emotions as a basis for a story.  “The story then transformed into what I have today, Adfectus Book – it’s a collection of my fine art photographs with corresponding quotes that I have written to go with them.  It’s about emotions and how we all fit in the world. I hope that it will bring comfort to those that see it and also give someone the time to sit down and reflect on things and realise that we are all basically the same in the world, we all have struggles, we all have highs.  For me it’s a book that you grab a cup of tea and go and sit in a comfy chair with.  I have been working on it continually for a year, so it’s exciting to see it now at its final stage.” 

unnamedIn the future Sandra hopes to have an exhibition of her work “I haven’t had one since 2012 which is way too long! I have a long list of places I want to visit – Greenland and Iceland are top on the list, but then so are Poland and Russia – quite different places!  And I plan to start teaching private photography workshops.”

If you feel that you can donate something towards Sandra’s Kickstarter then the link is here

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