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Just Grooving (1)Towards the end of last year I received a really lovely email from Kyle, one of the members of Hidden Gentlemen. It’s a pleasure to be able to feature the band today.

Kyle has been playing drums for 15 years and teaching for 10. “Not long after I started playing I formed my first bands doing covers of Greenday, Incubus and Queens Of The Stoneage and trying to play double kick faster than I physically could!” He currently splits his teaching time between Glastonbury and Factory Studios in Bristol as well as writing for the drum magazine Rhythm. “I’m writing my third drum book at the moment, the first two being ‘Paradiddle Creativity’ and ‘How To Practise Drums’. Helping people to practice efficiently is something I care a lot about. Too many people think sitting down and playing is practice. I believe the time should be spent working on things you currently struggle with.” 

From a drum teaching point of view, Kyle likes what Mike Johnston and Benny Greb are doing. “Both can play amazingly well but can break down what they are doing into really easy to understand ideas. I like what Snarky Puppy are doing from a music business side of things. They are recording and touring on their own terms and doing really well at it. The music I listen to is always changing I love pop music like Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift and I like funk from Tower Of Power and hiphop from The Roots.”

14716363_1337068576357636_3602996848886669774_nHidden Gentlemen have been a band for a little over a year. “We’re an original classic rock band. We focus on tight, no fluff arrangements with all 3 members of the band adding vocals. We use the classic 3 piece line up of guitar, bass and drums with the occasional sample thrown in for good measure.” Kyle has known the guitar player in Hidden Gentlemen his whole life. “I call him Dad. Greg and Mark (my dad) have played with each other over the years so when we needed a new bass player he was an obvious one to choose. We also do the pub circuit in a blues band which helps keep our live chops up together seeing as Hidden Gentlemen spends so much time writing and recording.” Between them they have played many festivals around the UK including Glastonbury Festival (Avalon and Glade stages), Godney Gathering, Watchet Festival, Phoenix Fest, Home Farm Fest and Farm Festival.

HGEP1 (1)Kyle loves the writing process. “The best part about being in a band for me is getting in the studio hearing a songwriters new idea and helping to shape that into the finished song. I feel I have a good ear for arrangements and hearing the song as a big picture. It’s also amazing to hear the end result often times songs don’t turn out anything like you’d expect them to but you have to do what’s best for the song and not each musicians individual ego.”

Sadly one of the most recent challenges Kyle has had to deal with  was having his studio broken into in Glastonbury. “In one night I had nearly £6,000 worth of gear stolen. Two cases of cymbals a few snares and also my bass guitar which was the bass Greg was using in Hidden Gentlemen. I’m slowly getting my gear back together. I have enough to keep teaching and playing but some of the pieces aren’t made any more so will never be replaced.”

Hidden Gentlemen are currently booking gigs to promote their second EP ‘Two’ which was released in October last year. “Every time I release something into the world I feel proud. It’s really tough saying somethings finished and letting it go. Whether that’s my books or recordings with bands the temptation can be to keep working on them to make them ‘Perfect’. As long as my next project is better than the last I’m proud.” If you’d like to seem them in the flesh you can check them out at The Louisiana on Tuesday. For more details about the event click here.

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