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I was mega lucky last year to meet some of the painters at Upfest. I met Gage at the same time as Mr. Wigz, as they decided to paint together, and their spot was right next to where I was working (click here to see their full piece. Mr Wigz, right and Gage, centre.) I had heard of Gage before this though, as I’d seen one of his murals on a house when I was on a train in Bristol. I’m super stoked to be able to write about him today.

Gage is a street artist and designer who has been painting large murals for over ten years now. “Most of my family are artistic, so I was always encouraged to draw, paint, and be imaginative. I was born in Bristol but grew up in the South of France and was inspired by the Toulouse graffiti scene from a young age. Once I mastered spray cans I did a few commissions and quickly progressed. It was when I moved back to Bristol to study design that I considered mural painting more seriously. I really enjoy Bristol’s openness to art and 9 years on I’m getting some great projects.”

For Gage painting murals and canvases is his passion. “I like both the process of applying colour to a large area and the result, creating an image that transforms the space it’s in. Bringing some nature and colour into a drab part of the city is an effective way of improving that area, or at least making it visually interesting. I also like to send a message to the public to raise awareness about environmental issues.”

One of the most challenging commissions Gage has ever received was when Johnny Morris from World Fossil Shop in St. Nicks Market Bristol asked him to paint 600 million years of natural evolution onto 4 by 8 boards! “It took me about 3 weeks to complete them in my studio/garage. What I had underestimated was the amount of research involved. Over a month collating images and studying the evolution of animal and plant species. Even the climate changed radically and life survived 5 mass extinctions! It was fascinating research.”

Gage’s proudest moment to date was being asked to paint his designs as part of a BBC show. “In February 2016, BBC Radio Bristol documented and published my garden mural for Christine in Coombe Dingle. They shared my time-lapse which got a great response.” A few months ago Gage was invited to paint a large mural in Easton, Bristol which was filmed and broadcast on BBC. “I got interviewed by Dave Myers from the Hairy Bikers filming the last few scenes of a great TV show called ‘Operation People Power‘. I collaborated with Zase and Dekor and an amazing group of volunteers, who helped transform this community building. It was such a positive project to be involved in.” 

At the moment Gage is busy working on a new project. “Me and a few other artists are launching a clothing brand in the not too distant future.” He’s also got lots more painting lined up, as well as working on some books for children and he says that he’ll eventually get round to painting his own house too!

Please take a minute to check out some of the links below to see loads more awesome work from Gage and also feel free to contact him if you’re interested in commissioning him.

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