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Location: BRISTOL


Me at the last exhibition

Some of my more regular Spiralling readers might remember the post I wrote about The Spiralling Exhibition 001 which I held back in October 2015, well I’m pleased to say that due its success, I’m doing it again!

This time I have 8 artists exhibiting their work in the Gallery Space at The Island, all of them showing their own unique talents within different disciplines including painting, digital art, sculpture, and even blacksmithing. Each artist has a set space within the room but no theme has been set, so it truly showcases their own creativity. The pieces on display are available for purchase at an affordable price, but reflect the time taken to create them. 

A small taste of Miss Fire’s stunning work

Miss Fire – Gloucestershire based artist who creates exciting and vibrant metal sculpture, inspired by the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Bold use of colour and serpentine curves are characteristic of her unique style. Executing a fluidity and gracefulness that is rare to see in such a stubborn, industrial material.

Paul Sargent Illustration – Surreal, Fantastical & Textural portals into other Dimensions

Original artwork badges made by Object…

object… – Collects images and materials, and re-combines and augments them with original drawn and painted elements. From these, new narratives are forged and ideas are communicated, some of which are designed, others which are emergent phenomena, developed as the work progresses.

Valentin Waisbord – To share an abstract and colourful vision of myself with paintings and textures. Every canvas is a lovely excuse to be entertained and enjoy the feelings of the world. Lets explore this part of the exhibition with humour and happiness.

Dave deciding where to hang his detailed biro pieces

Dave Bennett – Illustrator and painter since 2006. Exhibiting a brand new A1 Biro drawing which has not been seen by the public before.  

Sunray Sister – All about positivity via creativity. Bristol based creative, she specialises in one of a kind textiles made for beauty and function. On the surface each item features hand-dyed cotton and embroidered words, but underneath, the message goes much deeper than pretty and cute; Sunray Sister aims to celebrate self-love and improve women’s well-being.

Beautifully crafted textile work by Eloise Pilbeam

Eloise Pilbeam – Her sculptures are raw and intuitively made. A hands on, ‘make do and mend’ approach, is illustrated through the austerity of the materials and methods used, including up cycling, dismantling and rebuilding. This transformative procedure gives rise to a healing energy; recalling narratives of mother earth with destructive yet creative and protective forces.

Lumagro – Traditional sketches, laced and decorative figures, graphically simple drawings close to pictograms, and some humoristic incursions, reveal, after all, the same pattern. They are, for the most part, figurative images through which improbable, impossible or paradoxical situations are represented; and as they are unreal they require the recourse to allegorical strategies. Some drawings are born before definitive ideas, which can lead to ambiguous meanings and interpretations that are explored by the artist.

A small sample of Lumagro’s stunning pieces

When I interview people for The Spiralling, one of the questions I really like to ask is ‘What’s the biggest thing you’ve had to overcome?’, the reason for this is that when you see someone’s finished work, it’s easy to forget what trials and tribulations have gone in to creating it. The last time I organised the exhibition, I was far too emotionally invested in it and I ended up burning myself out. It was a big learning curve, and I feel that I have handled the stress of organising this around my other jobs a lot better this time around. 

Sunray Sister smiles

I’m so proud of all the artists that I have in the show this year. They’ve been working incredibly hard to get everything ready and I am super pleased with the results. The Spiralling Exhibition 002 will launch on Monday 6th March (which is TONIGHT if you’re reading this on the day that I put this post up!) at 18:00. I’m pleased to announce as well that DJ Mook and his Mookbox will be coming down to entertain us with some tasty tunes!

The exhibition runs until Sunday 12th March and is open daily from 12:00 – 19:00. I do hope that some of you will be able to make it down, and who knows, you might even go home with a new work of art for your wall! For more details about the artists please follow the Facebook Event link here.

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Inspiring illustrations by Paul Sargent

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