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I’ve never written a feature about a festival before so I was super happy when Anand Mavani got in touch with me to ask if I would write about their event. Anand is the Creative guns at HogSozzle. His role covers the breadth of the creative outputs at the festival, taking pride in managing the décor, design and general aesthetics.

The seeds for Hogsozzle were sewn within a group of super tight friends who all studied at university in Nottingham. “A team of misfits with aspirations spanning the creative, entrepreneurial and business realms, we all shared two binary values; Great food, ridiculous party. We celebrated the end of our final year, with a serious blow out party. It coincided with Dan, our founding Hog’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate the whole shebang than by throwing the biggest house party Nottingham had ever seen! We dug a hole in the ground, welded a roasting pit, and feasted on an epic hog roast. We hired a Funktion-One sound system and cranked it up for 3 days. And so it begun!” HogSozzle is now an intimate 3 day boutique festival bringing together upcoming music, creative minds and some of the most delicious and revolutionary street food the UK has to offer. Catering for meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans and ‘Sozzlers!

The team behind the festival take their main source of inspiration from their punters. “We always make a huge effort to communicate with our fans, either in person or on social media and through feedback channels. When we articulate our messaging, breathe our ethos and values, and think, design, create with this in mind, we quickly realise that we are onto something special here. Year on year, we celebrate and welcome feedback, we invest our time, skills and resources into making the party even more memorable. Each year, when the going gets tough, the hours crank up and the workload intensifies, we always come back to the fact that we want to stage something that gives people a platform to be inspired, to leave with a whole new group of friends, experiences and opportunities. Of course hedonism becomes part of the package, we totally get it! A weekend away where your business is your business, you can escape, be free, run wild, dress up, dress down, get involved in as little or as much as you want. There are no expectations and there is certainly nobody judging you.”

So many highs and lows come with running a small, growing, intimate festival. “Undoubtedly one of the worst things is bad weather. One of the first years we decided to monetise the gathering and turn it into ‘something’. We put all the legwork into the festival and hired out a beer garden in the Peak District. Everything was going to plan, people turned up and pitched their tents, and our first rig was blasting out music….Until the heavens decided to open up, and I mean OPEN UP!! Non-stop-torrential-heavy-do-not-stop-thunder-and-rain for the whole weekend. That hurt our confidence, affected the mood and hit the footfall massively! We really did need to take a step back and think about what we did next from then! A tough time!” 

On the flip side, a magic moment for the Hogsozzle team was when their event broke the 1,000 punter mark. “We all of a sudden graduated into this realm of possibility and we realised that not only have we achieved something monumental, but we should all be so incredibly proud of what we have been through to get to where we are! We are all working on other projects, we are all career professionals; our team is built of digital marketeers, designers, doctors, lawyers, events professionals, engineers, bankers, the list goes on. However, what I am most proud of is that we all come together, as a team, to create something so beautiful and rewarding. We have weekly calls, Skype meetings, a clear structure of reporting and feedback, we have all the credentials of a well oiled business, but run through the best of friends and for this, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with my best friends, on arguably the biggest project of our lives. What started as a humble hog roast and a party, has transpired into the most incredible, inspiring, and genuine story for this group!” 

It’s not long to go until this years event. “We sit now approaching HogSozzle 17’, close to selling out of tickets! This year we’re hosting 4 stages, in a phenomenal festival site at Frogmore Hill in Hertford. Our main objective for the future is to scale up  from 1000 attendees, to 2500 attendees by 2018, all whilst continuing to enjoy the challenges of running a small boutique festival. We want to invite more people but also want to keep it as intimate, creative and inspiring as possible.” HogSozzle takes place in May from the 26th-28th 2017 and you can purchase tickets from £109 here. For more details about the event please visit their website below.

HogSozzle Music Festival 2017 from BEAUM MEDIA on Vimeo.

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