A writers recommended morning caffeine intake – Spin

Name: Spin

Location: Bristol, UK

Mission: To write a blog post every Monday about my amazing friends

So I felt that seeing as there may be people visiting this blog who don’t actually know me in person, I should probably write a little bit about myself and the purpose of this blog.

I was born in Sheffield but moved to Cheltenham with my family when I was 3. However in 2007 I returned to my roots and went to Sheffield Hallam University to study Journalism. Whilst I was studying I would use the summer months to run around in fields working as a Steward for a festival company called Green Stewards. It was at these events that I made a lot my nearest and dearest friends.

Being an only child my computer was always my main way of keeping in touch with people, and with the development of social media this hasn’t changed. To date I have attended just shy of 50 UK festivals spanning a whole array of music! I love festivals and have been incredibly lucky to meet so many amazing people by working at them. These are friends that I might only have spent about 8 weekends out of the year with, but I consider them to be as close to me as family. I think it’s an incredible thing to be able to meet someone by chance in a field miles away from where you live and be able to keep in touch with them on the internet. I have always been a keen networker and being able to stay close with summer friends through the winter months has been a blessing.

Since leaving university I haven’t written a single article. This blog is designed to not only try and get me back into writing again, but also to give me a chance to publicise the work of some of my wonderfully talented friends. I have hopes that The Spiralling will do just that, spiral! I spend a lot of time sharing posts from bands or artists with my friends on Facebook. Then the thought hit me that I should be sharing this information with a wider audience.

From the conception of the idea, to setting up this WordPress account, it took me a week. I had no trouble coming up with the name ‘The Spiralling’ it just came to me. My nickname has been Spin (Spinelli was a character in old cartoon called Recess) for about 8 years now, so I wanted the name of this project to be linked to my name but not just Spin. The theme choice was completely synchronistic as it was one of the suggested themes when I created the account; it’s called Spun!

I’m now living in Bristol and have just moved into a house where I’m putting some new roots down. Bristol has stolen my heart and I’m really happy being super busy working 3 jobs. I have been incredibly lucky to gain employment at jobs I really enjoy. The Spiralling has also given me another thing to get excited about. As I write this I have just shy of 200 likes on my Facebook page which is amazing! What’s even more incredible is that it’s not just people I know, but The Spiralling has already started to spiral and people I don’t know are seeing all the wonderful things my friends are up to.

I didn’t really expect this project to take off as quickly as it has. My main concern was my ability to write. I really have been battling with this for such a long time, a crippling fear of putting pen to paper (or cursor to screen in this case) and writing anything. I didn’t ever imagine I would be happy to let people I know read what I was writing, let alone sharing it with millions! It has been the welcoming reception that my friends offered when I shared this idea with them, coupled with their confidence boosting comments about my posts which have made me feel that my writers block has officially gone!

Creativity comes with it’s own set of battles. We will always be our own worst critics.  The artist will always see the errors they made, a musician will always notice that one wrong note, and a writer will often read what they spent hours writing, and feel like a failure. It’s taken a long time for me to accept that if I want to write, I’m just going to have to let other people be the judges. If they like it great, and if they don’t, well that’s ok too!

Most of the people I’m going to be writing about have spent hours dedicated to their work. Failings, mistakes, tears, injuries, pain, and ultimately a lot of suffering goes into being good at something. It takes all of those things to push us forwards to keep trying, to have another go, to just do it over and over until it’s right.

It’s hard to dedicate that much time to something and make a lot of money so some of my friends, not all, live what is considered an alternative lifestyle. The Spiralling will, I hope, help people achieve their dreams whilst being able to support themselves. I’m just here to offer a helping hand to publicise their work in a way they might not. I’m not reviewing them, it’s more of a very informal press release I guess.

So there you go, I little bit of insight into the world of me and The Spiralling. I have other ideas bubbling away and high hopes that The Spiralling has a positive future ahead of it. It started from one point and has already spiralled out, gaining support, likes, and followers along the way. I warmly invite you to join me on this little adventure 🙂



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